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The Affiliate Amazon Wants

The affiliate Amazon wants you to be may not bring you the profits you desire. I know this is a controversial statement, but it’s truth. If you are considering earning passive income through affiliate marketing on the internet, keep reading.

There are many alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program that may bring you better, long term profits. The Amazon affiliate program can make you money. However, there are other uses of your time that can be more profitable.

Before you get upset, Amazon Associates can pay you, and pay you well. However, the point here is that there are alternatives. Being an affiliate with amazon is not the only option.

The Affiliate Amazon Commissions

Let’s begin with a review of the Amazon affiliate commission structure. As a program Amazon Associates provides you with a categorized pay table to review the commissions you would receive if you are able to sell an item.

For instance, if a visitor to your website purchased a gift card through Amazon, you receive 0.00% commission. On the other hand if the person purchased private label clothing, your commission is 10%. All other items fall between these two ranges as an affiliate on amazon.

So, if I choose to be the affiliate Amazon wants me to be, I know that the most I can make per product is 10%. Because of this pay table, you have two threads of logic working against you as an affiliate with Amazon.

The first thread is the law of averages. If you have 100 visitors to your website, the numbers say that 4-5 of those visitors will click on one of your marketing opportunities. This is actually a great rate.

And of those clicks, you’d be lucky to get one sell. Because the averages are numerically low, you have to sale products that have the higher or highest commissions on Amazon.

That forces you into a niche to sell products that you either don’t want to sale or have no knowledge of selling. For more information about the importance of niches and affiliate marketing, please read.

The second thread is the amount of competition. If Amazon has set up an affiliate pay table a such, you will have more competition with higher commission products. Think about it, if you are going to invest time and sometimes money, you want to be paid. But, you get squeezed out by bigger affiliate marketers with more resources.

The affiliate Amazon wants you to be is driven by their pay table. That table can be great if you have time and money to invest. But if you are just starting out, it’s difficult to break in at the higher commissions.

The Alternative Affiliate Amazon Does Not Want

I cannot tell you want to do or think friend. However, the alternative affiliate Amazon does not want is one who is willing try Anything different. The affiliate marketing playing field is HUGE.

Amazon is not the only game in town for you to make passive income elsewhere. There are thousands of companies looking for people like you. People who have knowledge in an area and looking to help them and you turn a profit from it. So why stick with a company that limits you, especially if you are just starting out.

Instead, I have a few suggestions for you. If this is truly your first venture into affiliate marketing and passive income, then the next section is for you. If not, please skip down a little to read other important information.

I think your goal to supplement your income or replace your current job, so affiliate marketing is for you. First you must educate yourself about how. Many fail because they do not take the time to learn the steps.

Then you have to put the structures in place to ensure that you are gaining profits everyday. The great news is that other people will do that for you.

And lastly, you have to drive visitors to your affiliate marketing opportunities to gain the sell. Let me give you the exact resources that helped me.

#1 Affiliate Marketing Education

An marketing education is highly important for you to make the thousands that you have dreamed of online. The source that I used can be found here. They will literally show and give you nearly all you need to succeed. It’s as simple as taking a short online course. Invest the time in learning before you get started. It will be THE difference in your success. 

I also reviewed three other affiliate marketing education and packaged programs. These give you a prepacked affiliate marketing program that you simply reuse. There isn’t much that you have to do but use the tools they provide to you.

The advantage of these is that it saves you a lot of time, it has everything prepared for you, and you simple have to post the templates and much of the content they offer. So, take a look.

affiliate marketing

The Super Affiliate program takes you start to finish through the affiliate marketing world. It’s prepacked and easy to use. The information is stellar and after just a few days of training and use, on your own time, you can be up and running. You can find out more about the program here.

Another great opportunity is Five Minute Profits. They are similar to Super Affiliate. Again, having them educate you on what to do and how to do is important. Even more important, the tools, themes, and content they give you to start making money quickly. You can take advantage of this opportunity with this link.

The last affiliate program I reviewed was Viral Cash. They are user friend and easy to use. Please check out their content.

#2 Connect To Affiliate Marketing Brokers

Connecting to affiliate marketing brokers is super easy. Most are absolutely free. Commission Junction is a massive broker that allows you to affiliate market with thousands of companies at the click of a button. Super easy! And there is no cost to sign up.

Another that I use constantly is ShareASale. Again, FREE and you can be going in 2 minutes. The best I have experience with however is ClickBank. They even offer a course that will show you step by step how to succeed with affiliate marketing from their site. Taking the course is worth it and honestly dollars can pour in.

These two simple steps are all you need to get started, free of the affiliate amazon wants you to be. I hope you start or improve your journey today.

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