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Blog Post Ideas – How to Nail It Each Time

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with blog post ideas. Especially if are just starting out, or if you have been doing it for a very long time.

However, there is hope and help. You should always consider how long you have been blogging and what type of niche you blog for to look for inspiration.

Here are a few tips on how come up with blog post ideas and how to nail it each time, no matter if you are newbie or seasoned.

Personal Blog Ideas

Sometimes, personal blog post ideas are the hardest to generate. If you have a personal blog that is all about you, you might think that people get tired of hearing from you.

The honest truth is that some will. However, to generate blog post ideas in this area, there is one important resource that you could use to never run out of ideas. The Media!

Creating blog posts about your opinion on something that is trending in the media will keep your readers captivated. They want to know your thoughts, feelings, opinions on what’s going on in the world.

So share! Even if your blog is not about news events, it will connect the readers to you, helping them to see your intelligence and insights.

It will also give your blog and post some depth, enticing others to read that may have never thought about or heard of your blog.

Ideas for Beginners

If you are brand new to blogging it is SO important to plan out your blog post ideas. Blog post ideas for beginners does not have to be complicated.

Use an excel file and simply go to town writing down ideas. Map out what would make sense to your readers related to a sequence of blog posts.

Have a connected series of blog posts in mind. This will do two things for you. First, it will give you a road map of ideas and information to share. Second, it will give your readers something to look forward to reading.

When you create a series of linked blog posts, give your readers a brief preview of what is to come in the next post within the series. 

Focus on a sequence of 60 blog posts, divided up in series of five. This will add content value and hopefully returning visitors to your blog.

Your First Blog Post

Your very first blog post should consists of the following:

  1. A description of the purpose and intent of your blog
  2. Information regarding you. Even if you do not  include your name, speak to your history or skill set that connects you to the content your blog indents to explore.
  3. A road map of what you plan to share on your blog over the next year.
  4. An invite for members to sign up for notifications or post releases.
  5. Another invite for readers to comment on your blog posts.

Doing this in your first blog post will help create a sense of community and reader engagement on your blog.

Blogging Trends

If you have been blogging for a while, it is important to keep up with blogging trends within your content area. A great strategy to use is to sign up for the newsletters or the blog post notifications of other successful blogs.

This will allow you to stay an expert in your content area. Blogging trends are so important to keep your content relevant and fresh. And being “in-the-know” means reading all about what your competition is publishing.

Of course, this does not mean copying what your competitors are publishing, instead, focusing on the same issues and topics that are currently real and relevant. Missing blogging trends can cause blogging fails.

Ask for Ideas

There is no shame in asking for blogging ideas. As you build your blog, it is a great idea to ask your readers for blog topics that they may want more information on. Reach out to your blogging community and ask what they want to read about and what they need help with.

You can generate a ton of blogging ideas from this, which will generate another ton of posts for you to write. Put pride aside and reach out.

As always, please scroll below and leave a comment and advice about this post to help all of our readers. And if you have any specific blogging or affiliate marketing information you would like for us to write about, let us know. Until next time!


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