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Blogging On Instagram – Microblogging at it’s Best

Blogging on Instagram can be huge for you.With nearly a billion active users, Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms on the web. And though most use it to share photos of their favorite vacations, food, and moments, others have turned it into a source of income.

That’s right—when used correctly, Instagram can be leveraged to turn serious profits. But if you’re looking to start making money on Instagram, you’re going to need to make a number of considerations first.

And you’re going to need to start a blog.

The good news is that starting a blog with Instagram is easier than you think. Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to start your new career as an Instagram blogger.

Can I Post a Blog on Instagram?

Let’s start with the basics. Can you even post a blog on Instagram?

The answer is, yes, but there is one small caveat. Blogging on Instagram is a different kind of blogging. Generally speaking, most of us think of blogs as their own independent domains, with complicated web hosting, and an individual URL.

Obviously, as a social media platform, Instagram doesn’t have that. Instead, it works as a form of microblogging. But if you’re scratching your head in confusion wondering what a microblog is, we’ve got news for you!

You probably already have a microblog of your own.

Don’t believe us? Answer this question—do you have any social media profiles? Do you ever post there? If so, you’ve got a microblog!

Now, of course, not all microblogs are created equal. If you’re looking to turn your microblog from something ordinary to one that will turn a profit, you’re going to have to put in the effort. That being said, however, with the right tools, you can make your Instagram blog work for you.

Is Instagram Good for Blogging?

Blogging Instagram

We know what you may be thinking. Is Instagram really good for blogging? We know—it’s not often that you think of “Instagram” and “blog” in the same sentence. But as strange as it may sound, the truth is that Instagram microblogs can be a highly-successful form of online blogging.

In fact, not only can it be a great way to grow your social media presence through a microblog, but it can be a wonderful addition to a traditional blog, as well. By using Instagram, you’ll enjoy the flexibility you need to start growing your personal brand.

But using Instagram as your blogging medium requires a bit of an expert touch. If that sounds scary, don’t worry! Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to start turning your Instagram into the perfect blog for your personal brand!

First, however, let’s consider two other factors you’ll need to keep in mind before starting to blog with Instagram.

How Successful Are Instagram Bloggers?

Just how much money can you make on Instagram, anyway? The answer is millions.

That’s right—with the right Instagram blogging strategy, you can start making more money than you ever have before. Of course, getting to this level will require a lot of dedication and work, but with the right strategy and effort, you can get there.

If you’ve ever dabbled with Instagram or online marketing, you’ve probably come across the term “influencer marketer.” As we’ll see, those who want to make money on Instagram are able to build a following to become influencers for others.

How Do Instagram Bloggers Make Money?

How Do Instagram Bloggers Make Money

So what does that mean for you? If you’re hoping to use Instagram to make money, you’ll need to understand just how profitable Instagram blogs operate.

In that case, the answer proves to be quite simple. Instagram blogs turn a profit in much the same way as traditional blogs—affiliate marketing. Of course, this will rely on a number of factors, namely your blog developing a strong reputation in a certain niche.

When this occurs, you’ll be able to win the favor of brands that are also looking to reach your target demographic. This, in turn, leads to them paying you to advertise their products.

Obviously, the higher the following you have, the more you can expect to get from your Instagram blog. With a stronger reputation, you can get a higher price by attracting bigger brand names.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you can start turning your Instagram into a money-making medium.

Starting an Instagram Blog

Disclaimer: If you’re hoping to make a successful Instagram blog, don’t be afraid of a little hard work. By implementing the steps below, you’ll be on your way to turning a profit with your Instagram blog. That being said, don’t expect progress to happen overnight. While some people do become instant viral sensations, it’s much more likely that you’re going to put in months of effort to build a solid reputation and influence.

Are you ready to get started building your Instagram blog? If so, follow these key steps below!

  1. Choose a Niche

The most important step in building a profitable Instagram blog is choosing a niche. Think of your niche as your specialty—the thing that you’re wanting to blog about.

One of the most common mistakes rookie bloggers make is not choosing a niche. In many ways, however, this is understandable because it can be quite difficult determining what you should cover.

To be fair, you may already have an idea of what you want to do. It could be something that you’re passionate about—art, for example.

On the other hand, you may have a hard time choosing just one thing. What if you’re into art and cooking? How do you reconcile that? And while it may seem like a good idea to try and do both, time has proven more than once that having one specialty is the way to go.

Understanding this paradox is key to making your Instagram profitable. In order to grow your audience, you must first narrow the scope of your blog’s focus. Though this may seem like you’re reducing the potential size of your audience, the reality is anything but.

The truth is that people want to read from people they deem to be number one in a particular field. Think about it—where do you get your sports news from? Which cooking shows do you watch? Which clothing brands do you buy?

The reality is that you likely have a few top choices in your mind already. If you’re looking to get this same kind of recognition and trust from the general audience, you’ll need to earn respect. And the only way to do this is to prove to be number one in a certain field.

As the saying goes, a jack of all trades is a master of none. By focusing on one niche and working to build a reputation in it, you can start to grab a larger audience than you ever thought possible.

For this reason, make sure that your first step is to choose a niche. Take some time and really think of what you’re wanting to do. If you don’t know where to start, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Find Something You Know About

The goal of choosing a specialty is to position yourself as an expert. This means that if you don’t have any idea about the topic you’re writing about, you’re not going to make it.

Your readers and viewers want to feel that you are credible, and they’re not going to get that feeling if you aren’t being authentic. For this reason, start choosing subjects that you can make a unique contribution to. Only in this way can you start to make a true impression on your viewers—and eventually win them over.

  • Find Something You’re Passionate About

If you’re hoping to make an Instagram blogging career, you’re going to be around one subject matter a lot. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that you’re posting something you’re passionate about.

In this way, you’ll be able to get through the tough times when it feels as if your blog just isn’t doing so well. By staying with a subject you’re passionate about, you’ll have the motivation necessary to keep going.

  • Choose Your Label

Finally, make sure that you’re choosing a label when you select your niche. You’ll want to make sure that you’re crafting an identity that will really catapult you to the top.

The good news is that this isn’t as hard as you think. For instance, you may decide that you’re going to do makeup. With several popular Instagram bloggers already dominating the market, you’re going to need to think of something original to succeed. Instead of just being another beauty blogger, for example, position yourself in a unique way that will keep you from being in direct competition with much bigger bloggers. For instance, you may become the “Lipstick Lady,” a beauty blogger who specializes in different brands of lipstick. In this way, you can earn your own portion of the market without getting wiped out by bigger competition.

  1. Choose a Username

Once this is done, you’re going to need a unique username. If you’ve already got a brand, make sure that your username is consistent with your other social media profiles.

If not, be sure to select a name that represents your niche and identity. You’ll want to choose a brand name that’s relevant, easy to remember, and long-lasting.

  1. Link Your Blog (If You Have One)

If you’ve already got a blog, you can start to incorporate your Instagram posts there, as well. By linking your prime blog with your microblog, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand presence.

Remember that it goes both ways, too. You can link to your blog from Instagram and let your followers know about it as well. This can work to generate a lot of quality traffic both to your Instagram page and your blog.

  1. Take Quality Pictures and Videos

Because Instagram is primarily a picture and video platform, you’re going to need to learn the art of photography—or hire someone who does. Just as you’ll want your traditional blog to be well-written, you’ll want your Instagram blog to contain great-quality photos and videos.

This will give you the professional look you need to start rising to the top of your niche. What’s more, it will give you a better all-around reputation.

  1. Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant

Finally, make sure that your content is relevant. Only with relevant content can you build a consistent brand identity.

What’s more, be sure that you don’t switch up your content later. Major shifts like this can cause you to lose many followers who feel as if you’re betraying them and your blog’s true purpose. Stick true to the blog’s content so that you can build trust and familiarity with your viewers. What’s more, make sure that you post at regular intervals so that your followers can keep track.

Secure Brand Affiliates

As your following begins to grow and you build a reputation, it will be time to start looking for affiliate partnerships. These partnerships are what will start really making your blog profitable.

If your blog is big enough, it’s quite possible that you’ll start getting requests without having to do anything. Here, you’ll find that companies are wanting to work with you to promote their products so that they can connect with your viewer base.

If that doesn’t happen, and you feel as if it should be happening, reach out to a few companies (LinkedIn can be a great tool for finding the right contacts) and show them why they should be advertising with you. Do your research and choose companies that can benefit by reaching your viewer base. What’s more, be prepared to back up your viewership stats and everything else so that you can convince companies to work with you. Once you’ve gotten your first partnership, you’ll be able to start growing this part of your blog for even more success.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can start making a profitable Instagram blog in no time!

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