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Blogging Tips For Beginners – A few easy steps

Starting a new blog can be exciting but feel difficult. This post will give you blogging tips for beginners that will hopefully give you a great start to your blog.

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Make sure your blog has a real purpose. It’s so important to have an actual focus for your blog that will help a specific community. There really isn’t a purpose to have a blog post about the newest models of televisions if your blog is about fishing tackle. Have a purpose and passion, and stick to the message.

How Your Blog Looks

Create a visually appealing blog. Your blog does not have to be fancy, but it has to be user friendly and visually appealing to the point that people do not mind reading what you have to say and returning to your blog. Keep it simple and clean.

Post To Your Blog Often

Post to your blog often. This blogging tip will allow readers to anticipate the information you want to put out there, and keep them returning to your blog. It will also signal search engines such as Google that your blog is worth ranking in search engine results.

Give Resourceful Links

Use external linking to help your blog visitors. If there is piece of research, charts, data, or other information that a different website has that would be valuable to your blog visitors, include it in your blog. Your readers will appreciate this and it adds more value to your blog as a source of information and resources.

Keep up with the latest trends. Stay current with the information that you are providing your blog readers. If previous post have out of date information, take the time to update it. Again, it keep them coming back.

Use YouTube

Use YouTube as a resource. One of the best blogging tips is to have your own YouTube channel. Not only will having a YouTube channel help to expand your blog with new visitors, you can also make money from YouTube and help supplement some income. It’s pretty easy to do and worth the time. Try it out as your start your blog.

Create A Blog Community

Create a community on your blog. Doing so will allow people to ask questions, comment, and provide resources. This draws visitors and returning visitors to you. Creating a community increases the amount of information and resources your blog offers.

Use Social Media On Your Blog

Use social media to get the word out about your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of them. Chose those social media platforms that you like the most and engage an audience on those platforms and entice them to visit your blog. Your blog traffic will increase, and people will begin to know your brand.

Blog SEO

Pay attention to Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O). Search engines have specific rules about how they want a blog or website to organize information. This allows the search engines to be more accurate with their search results. Paying attention to a few basic points to SEO can make or break your blogging experience. Of all of the blogging tips for beginners, this is the second most important tip. For a few tips on this, see our post on blogging and Google ranking.

Write Great Blog Content

The most important of all blogging tips is to write great content for your readers. This cannot be skipped. Your content should inform readers and contain a call to action. If you slack in this area, no matter how hard your try, your blog will not succeed. Focus on creating great blog posts more than anything.

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