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Creating SEO About Page and Domain Ranking

This post explains SEO about page ranking and your domain rank as well. Having good SEO allows search engines like Google and Bing find and rank your website or blog posts. We will give you the ends and outs, ups and downs of SEO. Ultimately, you will learn how to help searchers find the websites and blogs you have worked so hard to produce. So, keep reading.

What is the SEO Acronym

It is important to understand what SEO actually means, and what it does not. The SEO acronym means Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo send little bots or programs out across the entire internet to categorize and rank the content on websites. The rules for the bots change periodically. And every search engine has its own set of rules.

Google being the biggest, most people pay attention to their search engine rules. Having your website or blog found is extremely important. It is literally the difference between existing and not on the internet. Not only do the bots establish your presence, they also place a value on how beneficial your website or blog may be to others. This is where the term Page Rank comes into play.

As Google and other search engines discover you, they rank the pages on your website or blog based on the quality of your pages. This is Page Rank. Higher page ranks mean that your website or blog is more likely to be found by people searching for specific terms. The ‘O’ in SEO comes into play here. Optimization of your website or blog pages is extremely important to being ranked.  You will always be found by search engines, but no actual people if your SEO is poor. Therefore, SEO is something to pay close attention to in order to have a successful website or blog. The SEO acronym is a do or die term. However, it is not the only thing to pay attention to when trying to rank your pages higher. We will jump more into that a little later.

8 Tips For Bloggers and SEO Content

There are many factors that bloggers and website owner need to pay attention to in order to be found on the internet. These are 10 tips for bloggers and SEO content that will actually get you ranked higher:

  1. SEO Content – The number one tip is content itself. When writing a blog or developing a website, actually think about what would be useful to your audience. Write with value in mind. Think about the reader being able to walk away and being able to take action on what you have written. Google and other search engines pay attention to this. It is a part of what the little bots are searching for daily. Great content, usefulness to readers, and ease of reading are major factors. SEO content first, always.
  2. The Right Blog Or Website Title – Choosing a blog post title or website url name that is match to what you are writing on the site is a major player in SEO. Chose something that is catchy, inviting, and seems informative to the reader. If it is a title that looks like everything else out there, most people will not click on it. Be unique here!
  3. Keywords – Search engines use the keywords you chose as a way to highlight what a particular web page or blog posting is about. As you are writing your blog chose those keywords that have lots of people searching for it and that is a match to your great content. There are many keyword finders out there that can help. Google has one that is spot on accurate. Do your research before you write for amazing results.
  4. Descriptions – Each page needs its own description. Something short, to the point, informative, and that uses some of the more important keywords that you have chosen. This let’s the search engine and readers know more about what is on the blog or website before they click on it. Make it spicy and alluring enough to click.
  5. Load Speed – How quickly your website or blog loads matters a lot. If it takes more than 4 seconds to load, you are typically ranked lower than another website with identical content. Make sure that you use a great web hosting service and that the code on your website is technically sound. We use Blue Host and are very happy with them. They are inexpensive and load times are about 3 seconds.

6. Audience – Remember who the blog is for and who you are targeting. If your blog is about purses, you shouldn’t have any information about off road vehicles on it. Unless that becomes a thing. The voice you write in and the phrase you chose should match the audience you have. It’s critical to great SEO content and returning visitors alike.

7. Do your research – When creating web pages or writing a blog post, do some research. It is easy to write just something, but utility comes through expertise. And your expertise can come from the research others have done. Cite your sources and give your readers the latest and greatest information and facts. It will make the value of your site increase, and your rankings.

8. If you are using a blog platform such as WordPress, find themes that are technically sound for SEO. Some themes have code that are not SEO friendly. So, do a bit of searching before you chose a theme. It will save you trouble in the long run and help you be found and ranked by search engines much quicker.


Facts About SEO and SEM

SEO has a sister named SEM. SEO and SEM are both very friendly to your website or blog being found and ranked. SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. Google, Bing, and other search engines will allow you to pay to run ads for your website. These ads are usually displayed at the very top of the search engine results for keywords you choose.

Certain keywords are expensive to choose to show your ad at the top of the search results. Others are as cheap as 2 cents. Yes two. SEO and SEM work together to do this. If the SEO keywords for your website are ones that are highly searched, then your SEM costs are usually high. If not, then lower. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. So here is a great trick using SEO and SEM together in order to get found and ranked by search engines quicker.

Once you have your website or blog up and running with five pages or post, start a SEM campaign with Google or Bing. Find very cheap keywords to use for your ads, in the 2-4 cent range. Spend no more than $10 total on running an ad campaign. This forces the search engines to look at your website and index and rank your page. And it didn’t cost you much. It is a useful way to get in their database and to be on your way to ranking higher. And you never know, that $10 can bring you a sell or two, or subscribers.


black hat strategiesBlack Hat Strategies

The process of being discovered and ranked by search engines takes a while in the world of  SEO. Usually months to be honest. So some people revert to SEO black hat strategies. This is when you include certain codes in your website, pay for massive number of website backlinks, and do shady SEO practices to get ranked higher, quicker. SEO black hat strategies are bad! Plain and simple. Years ago I tried this. Within one week my rank on 10 keywords jumped from an average position of 90 (ninth page of search results) to 5 on Google. I was so happy and got immense traffic.

All of this lasted two weeks. AND THEN…the links and other boosters went away, my website page ranks not only dropped, but Google likely black listed me and my website never ranked high for anything again. Search engine companies want to deliver the best. So give them the best. Cheating the system will last you a little while, but eventually they will discover what you are doing. So, don’t do it. You put hours and days and weeks of SEO work and writing content only for it to become useless.

Be patient, do it the right way, and succeed. As long as you writing useful content, you will eventually rank well. Leave the SEO black hat strategies alone. If you want help or to automate your SEO, you can do that the right way here.

SEO Content and Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, make sure that your blog and website are making some money for your pocket or purse. Use great SEO content and affiliate marketing together to monetize your website or blog. For more info on this, please read our Earn Money Affiliate Marketing post. And if you are interested, we produce the Broke To Best Newsletter. It is absolutely free and you can sign up for it at the very bottom of this page. We hope is information about creating SEO about page and domain ranking has been valuable to you.

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