earn money affiliate marketing

Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

What to earn money affiliate marketing? One simple truth : Passive income is your friend. Think about it…you are working at least 40 hours a week at a rate that someone else set for you. And you only earn that money while you are work. You come home to a significant other and/or kids and you are losing money at that point.

Passive income is the money that you make whether you are at work or not. While you are at your 9-5 or while you are snoring the night away, you could be making money. And potentially lots of it. If you give me a few more moments of reading time I can share with you how to Earn Money Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

People pay for two things in life, products and services. Those selling products and services have a tough time reaching enough buyers to get their goods in front of to really make a good living. That’s where affiliate marketing comes into play.

Sellers will pay you to advertise their products and services by giving you commission when drive people to their goods and they purchase. Some affiliate marketing opportunities pay you percentage of the purchase price, others a flat rate, and others have multiple tiers of pay depending on how you perform or how often buyers renew a subscription for a product or service. 

All three put money in your pocket. Here’s how you can start today and earn money affiliate marketing and receive passive income.

Step #1 – What to Market?

Determining what to market for others is extremely easy to do. There are only two factors that you have consider: What you love, What will pay. It is most important to engage in affiliate marketing with something you already have knowledge or skill in and that you are passionate about.

For example, I am not ashamed to say that I am not much of a car guy. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice, but I change tired and maybe replace brakes. But, that’s about it. Cars do not excite me. So even if I knew that I could get paid engaging in affiliate marketing of car related products or services, it’s off limits because I have no expertise and cannot add value in driving potential customers to a sale. So, no cars for me.

However, there are three or four things I have a lot of knowledge about, and they will pay me. So all of my efforts need to be in those niches or areas. Step #1 is to determine three niches that you are passionate about. Write them down.

Think about what connects to you most from what you wrote down. Are there one or two of those niches that really excite you. Those areas that your friends or loved ones tease you about talk about too much. That is the niche you should start with and begin to earn money affiliate marketing.

Step #2 – Where to Market?

The most effective means to affiliate marketing and potential massive passive income is through the internet. A blog and website are the preferred platforms. There are advantages to using either.

Blog platforms such as Blogger are easy to set up, free, and a trusted by the public. You could literally setup an affiliate marking blog  in 20 minutes or so and be on your way.

The downside to using a free blog is that they often have limitations in design, the amount of space (GB) that you are allowed to use, and the amount of visitors you can get. Depending on what you are affiliate marketing, this may or may not be the best option for you. But, hey, it’s free!

Websites on the other hand cost a small amount of money and you could have limitless options of designs, space, visitors, and flexibility. They take a little longer to set up, but make a world of difference in potential profits. You can customize your own website to meet the tastes of the audience of the niche that you are marketing to, increasing the potential of a sale and thus money in your pockets. Here’s who we would recommend for creating your own websites:

Step #3 – Who To Market?

There are hundreds of companies that are looking for affiliate marketers to drive customers to their traffic. Which means there are hundreds of opportunities for you to make passive income. There are also affiliate marketing brokers that make it super easy to connect with these companies at the click of a button. They will even provide you with the links to their products or services that you can easily add to your website or blog through a simple copy and paste.

As visitors come to your site or blog, they click then buy and you get paid! The affiliate marketing brokers that I recommend are Clickbank, ShareAsale, and Commission Junction. Sign up as an affiliate marketer in seconds then start making money. Oh, and it’s FREE to sign up!The companies you market for should be directly involved with the niche you have chosen.

If you have an expertise in cameras you probably do not want to conduct marketing with a company selling mixers. Cakes are nice and all, but it has nothing to do with your website, blog, or social media pages.

Your goal here is to develop a website or blog that people want to visit over and over again. You also want a the theme of the website or blog to be one that you do not get tired from writing about. Burn out is a real thing when it comes to blogging. And your visitors will see that. Remember and take advantage of your expertise.

Step #4 – How to Market

You now have your website and blog dedicated to a specific niche. Remember, one that you have passion and know-how. You have signed up for affiliate marketing through a broker, and now you have to do something with it all to earn money affiliate marketing.

To understand how to market you must understand your audience and what they are craving. You cannot just slap a bunch of affiliate marketing links on your website or blog and expect that people will click and buy.What you can do is provide valuable information to your audience about the products and services that you are marketing. You must convey to your visitors WHY the product or service is worth them buying. That’s where your expertise kicks in.

Having insight to what you are selling will allow you to write compelling reasons why a person should purchase it, thereby driving a sell, and putting money in your pocket. Always, always, always put your affiliate marketing links after you have provide your visitors with valuable information. Why you ask? If you have a website or blog and you are not given the readers value, they will leave. Search engines such as Google refer to this as your bounce rate. You can read our article about writing great blog posts here.

The amount of time a person spends on your website and engage in the links you have matters to Google. The quicker a visitor “bounces” or leaves from your site, the higher the bounce rate. Google may use this against you, which means fewer visitors in the long run. Great content and customer value first, always.

Tools For Starting Affiliate Marketing

There are several tools that I can recommend to you to either start you out or accelerate your earning of passive income through affiliate marketing. I saved these for last because they do cost money. If you have under $50 to invest in an affiliate marketing business, I’d rather you save that for funding your website or enhancing your blog. On the other hand, if you have more than $50 to put into this venture, the following tools may be of benefit to help you start or speed up the rate at which you make money. 

  1. If it’s the case that you don’t have an expertise in a particular niche or you want an automated source to affiliate market, one of the marketing brokers have literally put together a step-by-step guide and software that is available for purchase. It gives you ALL of the information you need and tools to be successful on their platform. You won’t find this with most affiliate marketing brokers. If you want more information you can check them out here
  2. In a similar fashion, there is a company that we can recommend that gives you everything you need to become a super affiliate. A super affiliate are those who consistently make passive income monthly in the thousand(s) of dollars range. The company offers training online and the software you need to integrate into your website or blog to automate affiliate marketing. Check out Super Affiliates and determine if it is something that will help your passive income automate. 
  3. The last starter tool I am recommending will allow you to automate drop-shipping of products from various companies through your website. You could advertise a near limitless number of products at the click of a button on your website or blog and get paid on sales commission. Find out more. 

What To Do After You Start Affiliate Marketing?

Now that you have started, there are three things to do, and to do well: Write, Connect, and Wait. Let me explain.

  • Write – In order to have great content for your website or blog, write continuously. The longer and more relevant your posts are, the better. This gives value to your readers and a reason for them to buy your affiliate marketing opportunities. So, post consistently, but don’t post spammy junk.
  • Connect – Best practices in affiliate marketing is to connect with your visitors and others in your niche in a genuine way. Respond to comments they visitors make, and leave comments or posts on the websites or blogs of other pages in your niche. This will help you get your name out there quickly. That will lead to more visitors and more sells.
  • Wait – Search engines will not find you overnight, but they will find you. It is easily possible to make an affiliate marketing sell in the first day or in the first week. But, it will take a few months before money comes pouring in to your account. It’s not your fault. It’s simply that search engines take a while to find and rank websites. So, be patient.

How Can Affiliate Marketing Change Your Life?

  • Affiliate marketing is a form of passive income. You can earn money day and night, literally. If you move forward with this income approach, your gains over time could be huge.
  • Put in the work now, rest later! Your current 9-5 job has set hours, times, and rules. If you can successfully practice affiliate marketing, you stand the potential to free up nine of your hours, live by your own rules, and do as you please. Put the work in now, so that your later can be whatever you dream.
  • Better your health. Becoming successful at affiliate marketing could lower your stress level and improve your health. Why? You worry about bills and debt way less because you have a continual stream of income that is either supplementing or supplanting your current income. That helps!
  • More play. The more disposable cash you have, the more you can go do those things you enjoy. It is really that simple. Money holds us back from living how we want. Earning passive income can be a game changer for you and your family.
  • A brighter future. With affiliate marketing, you can have a much brighter future. If you use 1/4 of your earnings from this income approach, and apply it to savings, investment, or towards retirement, you will secure your future, and that of your children much more. 


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    Thank you for the article you have put here for people who want to learn. As a newbie blogger i am grateful for all the information that i can get.
    I too want to become an affiliate marketer and be good at it and that is why i am doing all the research that is needed before startup. I hope you will not mind me asking you a question related to affiliate marketing startup.
    Actually, i am blogger, not pro but i do write content on multiple stuff and gain traffic and followings with it. I have put quite the effort promoting my blog and i have earned an good amount through adsense as well. But i want to integrate with AM as another monetizing method but i have no idea what program to go for.
    There are so many programs out there and here in UK we have many out of which there are some attractive ones too but lack of insight is what becoming an headache here. I have been reading articles a lot recently and there are so many bloggers suggesting to start with amazon and web hosting affiliate programs. I also came across this UK based company that seem to sell stores data and offer 100% commission rates on sales made with free CMS tools. Here let me address their tools page revglue.com/tools-for-affiliates if you can guide me a little that would be great, any suggestion or recommendation is welcomed and appreciated.

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