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Find Your Passions Instagram Profits

Maybe you have people in your life, yourself included, who are telling you to find your passions. Usually, this is a polite way of saying get it together. Or, it can be a nudge to do more with your life. No matter what the reasons may be, when you find your passions Instagram profits could help you to earn from what you love to do. This post will focus on resources and tools to help you tune in to what you are good at doing, then help you to make money by turning your passions to profits on Instagram. Please keep reading.

How to Find Your Passions

First thing first. How to find your passions? It’s a lot easier to do than you may think. However, it may be a lot harder to accept. Many of us are in jobs or careers that we simply landed in. It could be out of convenience or it was a job or career that your parents said you SHOULD be a part of. Here are 5 ways to find your passions:

  1. Ask your most honest friend: We all have that one friend who painfully honest. That person who sometimes goes overboard in telling us about how we look, dress, and how we act. You know, that person who we love-hate to be around. That person that things are always fun as long as the subject of their criticism is not you. Well, use that person’s painful honesty and simply ask them what they believe that you are good or great at doing. Ask what they think your passions are and what is the one thing they come to you and only you when seeking advice. Whatever they say, even if you hate what they say, write it down.
  2. Reflect on feedback: Young or more seasoned, I am sure that many people have told you directly over the years great job on something. Have you noticed a pattern or trend? For instance, maybe you played soccer in high school? And you were pretty good. These days you watch a lot of soccer, and you know the top players, and you have FIFA tattoo somewhere special on your body. And you still play a little today. People who have seen you play soccer remark on your talent. These remarks remind you what people once said to you in high school. Likely, soccer may be one of your passions. Reflect on the feedback people have given you, then write it down.
  3. Take an online test: There a several online personality and career assessments that you can take. Some for free. The results of these assessments can be very helpful to you to find your passions. Hold on to the results once you complete one.
  4. Think about what you think about: When you are at work or in class finding yourself bored out of your mind, what do you think about doing the most? What is most appealing to you? Write it down.
  5. Social Media: Finally, when you post things to social media like Instagram, what do you post and comment on the most? What brings you happiness in social media? Write it down.

How does Instagram Work?

You now have at least five ideas about what you love because you took a little time to find your passions. Pick one of those passions and use Instagram to make money from it. There is relative ease in doing this. And understanding how does Instagram work is important to succeeding.

Instagram allows you to form networks with people from around the globe that share similar interests. This is achieve through following others and gaining followers. People can posts videos and pictures that can be liked and commented on. With that in mind, I am sure you can think about a lot of creative ideas, pictures, and videos within your passion to post.

Instagram also allows you to post a link to a website, blog, or any other destination in your profile. So, imagine that you have 1,000 Instagram followers. Anyone of them may at anytime click on the link in your profile. What if that link was to a product or service that would pay YOU if that follower or visitor purchased it? You would make passive income from those clicks. If this sounds interesting, please visit our blog post on how to make money on Instagram for more details.

Passions to Profits – Affiliate Marketing

The bigger picture here is turning your passions to profits by affiliate marketing. You can get paid to drive buyers to products and services that other people are trying to sell. Social media offers the perfect platform to do that. The reason why it is so powerful is that social media never sleeps. It is continuously active and people can visit your Instagram profile at any time. Social media is also global. People that you will never meet can visit your profile, click your link, buy the product, and you can get paid. What is important to remember is that you create an Instagram page after you find your passion and use that passion to attract people to your profile. Because it’s YOUR passion, you will never get tired of it. And people will be drawn to follow you because they will see that you love the content of your page. This will increase visitors to your page and to your link. It is really that simple. To learn more about affiliate marketing visit our earn money affiliate marketing post

Life is expensive, as you know. No matter your current money situation,  there is money to be made based on the talents, skills, and passions that you have right now. Don’t be afraid and not try. You owe it to yourself to be successful. So turn your passions to profits.

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