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How To Create Popular Blogs – Tips and Facts

This post will show you how to create popular blogs to get your voice out there on the internet. Many people blog, but few are actually found. The blog names, blogging meaning, blogging definition, and how to make money blogging are explained in this post. It is important to understand how to blog in such a way that both people and search engines find you. That is relatively simple to do, but it took me months of reading posts like this one before I pieced it all together.

After you read this post, I hope that you will be able to either start your own blogs or enhance the ones you already have. And I do mean blogs, with an ‘s.’ Read on!

Blogger Meaning

As we jump into creating popular blogs it is important to think about two definitions. The first, what is a blogger? The blogger meaning or definition has changed from what it first started. A blogger is not longer a person who posts a few articles occasionally. Nor is it a person who posts articles randomly.

Instead the blogger meaning has become a person who builds a community around a particular topic and informs the community of all aspects of that topic. In the past, blogging was haphazard, and it served a purpose then. But now, blogging is an art and a science that can be gratifying and lucrative.

A blogger who wants to create popular blogs must consider the needs and wants of the audience they are blogging for. Tuning in to those needs and wants means doing research and listening to the feedback of the community. Otherwise, and sadly, the only person who will be reading your blog will be you. Trust me, I know this first hand.

A great way to think the blogger meaning is that you are a servant of a group of people. And you are ushering the information and insights that they desperately want. Feed them and your popularity will increase. When you consider how to create popular blogs, remember this definition.

Popular Blog Names

blog names

Blog names are highly important to readers. The name of your blog should be short, sweet, to the point, but informative as to the content of the actual blog. I cannot tell you how many times I have accessed a blog only to find anime when I was searching for a best food blog. I was hungry, and not in to cartoons. Yet the title of the blog led me to believe it was a best food blog. Go figure.

To the people who might visit your blog or blogs, you should do them a favor and accurately name it. Catchy titles work really well, but it has to give a potential reader the sense of what your blog posts are in general. Picking blog names is the first important step. Do some research and find what works for you and the audience that you are writing for in general. This will attract first time readers, and entice people to come back to your blog or blogs because they remember your blog names.

Blog names are also important to search engines like Google. Again, when you create a blog the name should reflect what your blog’s main topic is about. When Google looks to rank your blog, it pays attention to the name to determine how to rank it for specific search terms.

Back to the blog example of searching for a best food blog. If the name of the blog is Best Food In The World then any time person searches for “best foods” there is a chance that your blog might rank and become popular for that type of search term.

The other side of the coin with this is that you have to name your blog specific enough that people searching for specific information will go to it. If that same blog is named just “Food” then that title is way too general. People do not search for FOOD as a search term necessarily.

The best type of name for a blog in this example would be Best Korean Food In The World. This is specific enough for those hungry for this type of food and general enough to be found by Google and other search engines. Find a balance!

Blogging Definition

You now know what a blogger is and how to best name a blog. The definition of blogging is the second definition I want to give you. The blogging definition is providing continual information to a community that guides, directs, and instructs thinking about a topic. If you really think about it, the blogging definition is that of an influencer, and not a random person posting things online. If you think of yourself as an influencer, you will be on your way to a popular blog. Let’s dig deeper.

Providing continual blog posts is key to your blog becoming popular. The people who could visit and become a fan or subscriber to your blog want fresh, new posts continuously. Again, if you feed them, they will return. So the frequency at which you post is important. I recommend every other day. Some full-time bloggers post daily, several times a day.

Depending on the amount of time you have to blog, every other day postings of great, engaging content is a good pace. If you are going to post everyday, make sure that the content is good. I tried doing that and the content suffered. Find your groove and stick with it.

Taking Care of Your Blog Community

Your blog will increase in popularity if you take care of your blog community. Doing this is just as important as posting frequently. If you blog has a forum or comment section, make sure to answer and ask questions of your blog community. Constantly do research on the latest information within your blog topic and present that to your blog readers. Fresh and relevant information will keep them coming back to your blog. And it is perfectly fine to ask your blog community about the types of posts they want you to create. If they feel that you are listening to them, they will remain loyal.

Depending on your blog topic, writing “how-to” posts is a great way to keep readers engaged on popular blogs. People want an answer to a problem usually, or at the very least some perspective from someone else on that topic. Here are a few blog examples the drive home the point. In a Best Foods blog you might include a post about how to cook and serve the best Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It would walk the reader through step by step all the groceries and produce needed, the recipe for each item, which sequence to cook the food in, and how to best plate it. A post like this could increase your blog’s popularity quickly. Especially if your blog posts are easy to share.

In this blog example you are giving the readers valuable information for something a lot of people take seriously, holiday food! No one want to mess up Thanksgiving Day dinner, so people will search for this information. Your blog community will appreciate the post even if they were not searching for it. This gives you brownie points, thus popularity.

Blog Themes and Appeal

Blog themes are key to the visual appeal and function of you blog. Popular blogs have these two things in common. Your blog should use a theme or design that is either visual stunning or at least easy on the eyes. If your main blog page is unorganized and feels cluttered, potential visitors will not stay long. People are visual overall. If it seems like it is too hard to find the information they might want, they will choose to search for it elsewhere. It is a hard truth, but a real one.

WordPress is probably the easiest blogging platform out there. I use it, and it has made blogging much simpler for me. Clean, easy to view, yet engaging pictures will win the you the prize. Each blog post should at least have one picture in it. Design your blog with posts in common categorizes.

Using a post grid is a great way to organize your posts. WordPress has many plugins that will help you with this. It directs people to the information that they are seeking quickly. The featured images attached to the blog post will direct their attention, and an excerpt from the post will give them a quick summary of what it is all about.

In addition to how your blog looks, how it functions should be considered as well. Viewers should be able to get to the information that they are looking for within three clicks of the mouse. Beyond that, and most people lose interest. So organize your posts and pages to be easily accessible and friendly to your readers. When you think about how to create popular blogs, think value and visuals.

Make Money From Blogging

When you create a blog you can easily make money from it. To find out how, you can read our posts on Earn Money Affiliate Marketing, Building A Blog Google Will Rank, or Affiliate Marketing Defined. They are all great posts that could be helpful to you in this area. However, a word of caution when you are trying to make money from blogging.

When you blog, your first intention should be providing value to readers, followed by the intention to make money from blogging. Readers can sniff through your intentions quickly. Blogs with a bunch of ads on them are a tale-tell sign that the blogger is in it for the money, not the community. As an influencer, over time and after you have built a solid community and gained some trust, money can come flowing in for your site. However, priorities first, think about your viewers, and try not to be spammy with ads and offers.

When you are trying to monetize your popular blog do it respectfully. By this I mean provide ads or offers that are directly linked to the content of the particular blog post. You will have much better success at gaining ad clicks and purchases because the offers and ads are directly in line with why the person read the blog post in the first place. It acknowledges their need as a reader and consumer of what you are offering to them, thereby helping your popularity.

Blog Resources

A big mistake that I used to make was not wanting to provide resources to my blog visitors that are outside of my actual blog. But, I learned, the hard way to change that. There is a tremendous amount of value in providing some resources to blogger that are not immediately on your blog. External links are necessary when Google is ranking you.

Provide links to visitors to other well established websites or blogs for specific information that you do not have on your blog. Providing external references to your blog community could increase your popularity because you are then seen as an authority who is trying to help your community find all the right answers. Do not be afraid to do this. There is so much value to readers when it comes to referrals.

The added bonus to providing external references is that those websites or blogs will one day notice that you have linked to their site. And in some cases, they will link back to your site on one of their pages. This can cause your popularity to increase and an increase page rank and visitors. It is definitely worth it not to be stingy when it comes to external resources. One per popular blog post is well enough.

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