how to increase traffic to my blog

How To Increase Traffic To My Blog

Every blogger wants to know how to increase traffic to my blog. If you have not asked yourself this question, you either are a supernatural blogger or just starting. If you are just starting in the world of blogging, let’s say within the last 6 months or so, then this blog post is for you.

In this post I will cover ways to increase traffic to your blog, including: using social media, backlinks, commenting, and using YouTube as a source to increase traffic to your blog.


how to increase traffic to my blog with youtube

YouTube can be a powerful tool for to help increase traffic to your blog. For tips on building a successful YouTube channel, check out this post for tips. Once your YouTube channel is up and going there are three things that you can do to use it to increase traffic to your blog.

First, build your YouTube channel community by creating engaging videos that actually help people. When it comes to Youtube, people are normally looking for entertainment or information. So whatever your blog is about, provide value through creating great YouTube videos that are useful. This will keep people coming back.

Second, have links in the description of each of your YouTube videos to your blog pages. And in your YouTube video, within the first 15 seconds or so, make sure you tell your visitors or subscribers to visit your blog. Over time, as you earn the trust of your viewers, they will visit. You will also gain the attention of other YouTube video creators who may add you to their playlists.

Lastly, the links from your YouTube videos to your blog pages do serve as backlinks. Although I am not a huge believer of building backlinks, this is an added bonus that can do nothing but help.

Social Media

how to increase traffic to my blog with social media

Social media can be your friend when it comes to blog traffic. There are a few tips in how to increase traffic to your blog with social media. Here are three.

First, you should choose three social media platforms that you are most comfortable with to advertise your blog. Not all platforms are built the same. Nor, will you like all social media platforms. For instance, I love Instagram, but I still do not get Twitter. It’s just not for me.

But, start an account with three social media sites and use an email address that is linked to your blog. In my case, Google and other search engines actually pick this piece of information up and use it. That helps you.

Once you have an account with about three platforms, set up your blog to automatically post to these platforms when you write new material. It will save you a lot of time. If you are using WordPress they have great tools to set this up automatically for you. Takes just minutes and will save you tremendous time with having to repost articles.

Next, each social media platform allows you at least one link to your website or blog. It is important to go into the settings for each platform and post your main link, or relative blog post. This will allow your blog to get traffic.

Lastly, the reason why you should chose three social media platforms to increase traffic to your blog is because you must be a member of those social media communities. An active member. It is important to do so that people will follow you, and ultimately visit your website. If you are not active, you will have few followers. And this has been key to increase traffic to my blog. Post often! And comment and leave likes on other posts. This will gain you followers and earn trust.


How to Increase Traffic to my Blog with Backlinks

Backlinks have become a controversial topics as of late. There are two camps currently when it comes to how to increase traffic to a blog with backlinks. One camps says build massive backlinks daily, and the other says do not focus on backlinks, focus on blog content instead.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Backlinks do help increase your rankings in Google and other search engines faster. However, the wrong backlinks can hurt your website if you are not careful.

In my opinion, the safest way to increasing blog traffic with backlinks is to do it slowly and build links from the bigger and more reputable websites out there. Yes, this means that it will take longer for you to rank, but it also means that you protect yourself from Google updates that might not like the fact that you went from 10 to 1000 backlinks within a week.

A single backlink built because you have posted an article to Reddit is must safer that a 1000 backlinks that you bought online for $9.99. With that in mind, think long game. If you are blogging to earn money, then be safe. Months of article writing can go down the drain if you are not careful.

There are big websites like Medium, Instapaper, Pintrest, that will allow you to backlink. What it important is relevant links to relevant sites. With that in mind, build backlinks slowly, from relevant sites, and you will be ok!

How to Do Blog Commenting For Traffic

How to Do Blog Commenting For Traffic

Blog commenting for traffic to your blog is another useful method to increase traffic to your blog. When you comment on the blogs or sites of others, you can often give a brief shout-out to your own blog. This is usually through a direct link to your site or a description. This will drive readers of that blog to yours. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

First, comment on blog postings that relevant to your blog. So, if you have a blog about model airplanes, comment on post then about model airplanes. It helps the reader of that blog post and it helps you to get a visitor.

Second, leave meaty and valuable comments. One or two sentences that are random will not help. When you think about how to do blog commenting for traffic, think about seeming like an authority with the comment. This will gain you some trust, and hopefully some blog visits.

Lastly, give some praise to the writer of the blog post and add something in your commenting that is missing from that post. This will help with value and authority.

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