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Instagram Bio Ideas – How to Gain Followers

Having a solid Instagram biography is key to growing your following. With the right biography, you can start to leverage your following and convert it into profit. This post will cover cool Instagram bio ideas to get you going anf how to monetize your Instagram account.

Crafting the perfect Instagram biography takes careful consideration, but once done, the payoff is well worth it.

Whether you’re just starting out or just want to grow your following, writing a strong Instagram bio should be at the top of your to-do list.

Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about writing the best Instagram bio and provide you with examples so that you can get started growing your following today.

What is an Instagram Bio?

What is an Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is at the top of your Instagram page and is your chance to tell others about you or your company.

But there’s a catch: your biography cannot exceed 150 characters, so before you get started writing, it’s important to find out what you really want to say.

Think of your Instagram bio almost as a personal statement in your branding strategy. Your Instagram page is an extension of your personal or company branding campaign, and your biography should clearly reflect the ideals you wish to exemplify. Here are some tips and cool Instagram bio ideas that will help you.

It can be incredibly difficult to boil down your personal or company objectives into 150 characters or less, so keep these tips in mind as you start working on your Instagram bio:

  1. Your Personal or Professional Identity— As noted, you want your Instagram bio to be an extension of your overall marketing strategy. This means that it’s important that the information found on your Instagram page is consistent with your overall branding. You don’t want to embody a different persona on Instagram than you do in other areas. You also want to make sure that you’re really capturing the essence of your personal or professional identity.
  2. Your Target Audience—Before making your Instagram page, you need more than just a solid identity. You need a target audience in mind. The best way to reach success on Instagram is to choose a niche and specialize in it—or else, you may find that it’s hard to gain traction and grow your following. Everything on your Instagram page, especially your bio, should be directed to your target audience. Make sure it’s something that will capture their attention and draw them into following your page, or you may miss out on people who would have been interested in your content. 
  3. Your Tone—This all means that you need to strike the correct tone. Are you looking for something witty or professional? Do you want to add a bit of humor and personality, or would it be better to have a more serious tone? The answer to this question is important because it sets the framework you should follow while writing your Instagram bio.

Remember: writing your bio isn’t something that you should do lightly. Write a few drafts before posting and take time to be 100% satisfied before putting it online.

As we will see, your bio has important repercussions in growing your following and even in helping to monetize your Instagram account.

But first, let’s take a look at some cool Instagram bio examples and ideas that can help you in writing your own biography.

The Obamas: Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama both have powerful Instagram biographies.

Interestingly, both use the art of juxtaposition for especially eye-catching bios. Let’s take a look at President Obama’s:

“Dad, husband, President, citizen.

Here, we can see that Obama plays with both alternating the case of his letters and with powerful juxtapositions, like “President, citizen.” The overall biography personalizes the former President while still projecting a professional image.

Also, take note of his inclusion of his personal website. This is a common way of leveraging your Instagram following to increase your revenue, as you can provide a link back to your personal or company website for your followers to make purchases.

Now, let’s take a look at his wife’s Instagram bio for ideas:

“Girl from the South Side and former First Lady.

Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief.”

As you can see, the former First Lady adds a powerful juxtaposition in her reference to her start from the South Side to her eventual role as the First Lady of the United States. Her personal website links followers to her 2018 best-selling book. When you make your own Instagram biography, make sure that you make use of the bio section to increase your own sales.

More cool Instagram bio ideas? Roseanne Barr—Roseanne makes use of another great technique to consider when writing your Instagram bio: the hashtag.

Hashtags are an incredibly important tool when growing your Instagram following, so let’s take a look at how Barr incorporates it into her Instagram bio:

“Comedy superstar, award-winning actress, best-selling author, recent presidential candidate and the original domestic goddess #roseanne #roseannebarr

Notice that Roseanne, like the Obamas, does not attempt to make full sentences. Instead, she highlights some of the more intriguing aspects of her career. She also includes her personal website so that she can grow her personal brand.

But unlike the Obamas, Barr takes it one step further by using the hashtag—and what she decided to hashtag is incredibly important: her name.

Including your name in your Instagram biography is important because not only does it increase the value of your personal brand, but because it can also help you rank higher when others search for you.

Especially if you use hashtags.

Along these lines of Instagram bio ideas, Cardi B—Cardi B goes for a more jam-packed looking Instagram bio, but it’s a great style to consider if you’re looking to promote your products.

Notice just how much information she includes in her bio:|#InvasionOfPrivacy|God is Great|#BARDIGANG|Booking:

Notice how Cardi B makes use of several key words in her Instagram bio. This helps better her Instagram search rankings and keep the information she decides to feature at the top of her followers’ minds.

And while she does a nice job of providing several links to both her fans and to those looking to schedule events with her, she also gives a bit of personal insight with references to her faith.

Evaluating the Instagram bios above can help guide you as you start writing a biography of your own. What information you decide to include is important to you, but you can help increase your image and following by following a similar format as other successful Instagrammers.

Be sure to make good use of keywords and to link back to your personal and professional sites to make the most out of your Instagram Bio.

How Your Instagram Bio Can Grow Your Instagram Following

How Your Instagram Bio Can Grow Your Instagram Following

Now that you have a better understanding of how to craft a cool Instagram bio, it’s time to talk about just how it can help you grow your following with these Instagram bio ideas.

After all, the goal of spending so much time on your Instagram bio is to start increasing your follower count.

We get what you might be thinking: “What does my biography have to do with anything?”

The answer is: a lot.

As you look to increase your following on Instagram, there are several factors to keep in mind—from your username to your content to your bio.

Unfortunately, however, the Instagram bio is often overlooked in favor of the first two.

So how, exactly, can your Instagram bio help you to grow your following?

For starters, it makes you look more professional. With a great biography, not only can you start to gain interests from your potential followers, but you can also add to your authority in your niche.

Consider for a moment the examples given above. Their professionalism and well-written content reflect well on the different individuals represented.

You want to capture that same professional image so that you can look better to your potential followers. So look through the platform for more Instagram bio ideas like these. Mimic them!

Secondly, and we’ve touched on this a bit already, the content you include in your Instagram bio can help boost your search rankings.

You may be a public figure or a well-known brand—in which case, you will be rewarded with a blue badge by Instagram—but it’s more likely that you’re trying to grow your personal following. And because you don’t have an official badge, you need a way to boost your search rankings and increase your reputation.

The content of your Instagram biography can help distance you from others. Including your name in hashtags, for instance, can help you pop up in search results faster—especially if your name and your username don’t match.

Be careful to put important keywords into your biography so that you are more-easily found by your potential followers.

Remember: your bio is one of the first impressions newcomers have of you. It’s your first opportunity to sell them on the value of both your Instagram account and of your personal brand, so be sure that you make the most of it.

By having a cool Instagram bio, you’ll be able to better grow and leverage your following as you look to monetize your Instagram account.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

How to Monetize Your Instagram Account 

When you’ve got enough followers, it’s time to set your eyes on the real prize:

Monetizing your Instagram account.

Though for many, growing a solid follower base on Instagram is just about bragging rights, there’s actually a much bigger perk to having a strong following.

Did you know that you can use your Instagram profile to start making an income or even to boost your business’s bottom dollar?

But how? How can you go about turning a profit on your Instagram page and using your follower base to steadily increase your income?

Below, we’ll go over some of the most popular ways of monetizing your Instagram account.

  1. Affiliate marketing—If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s the process by which you help sell products for others in exchange for commission on each product sold. This is a powerful marketing and profit-making tool across several social media platforms—including Instagram. The good news is: the higher your following is, the more money you can make from affiliate marketing.

It’s important, however, that you make sure that the products you choose to promote are related to the overall theme of your personal brand or Instagram page. No matter if you have a cool Instagram bio, you want to make sure that your audience will be interested in the products you’re promoting because you’re only getting money from each closed sale. Also, you don’t want to put off followers who don’t have interest in the product.

  • Do sponsored posts—If you’ve got a large following, others will come to try and piggyback on your success. And you should let them for the right price.

Whether it’s a company looking to do something similar to the affiliate marketing listed above or a person looking to use you as an influencer to grow their own Instagram following, make sure that you’re open to the idea of sponsored posts.

Offer a service of your own—If you’re able, consider selling a product or service of your own. As mentioned, your Instagram bio is a great place to put links to your websites and other places where your followers can buy your goods or services.

And if you need help making money from Instagram check out our post.

The Bottom Line

Writing a convincing Instagram bio should be at the top of your to-do list as you look to grow your Instagram following.

It’s important that your bio reflects your overall brand and that it can help redirect followers to money-making sources—such as your website.

With the correct content in your biography, you’ll be able to boost your Instagram search rankings to get even more exposure. Find the work of others and develop Instagram bio ideas that work for you.

Though you’re limited to just 150 characters, it’s possible to create a cool Instagram bio that draws people in. Because it’s likely your first impression over your potential followers, your Instagram bio is incredibly important to the success of your Instagram page.

By following the above tips, you’ll be on the right track to writing a strong Instagram bio that will allow you to grow your following and monetize your Instagram account.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you. If so, please share below through social media. Also, feel free to sign up for our Broke to Best Newsletter. You can do that for free and the very bottom of this post. Until next time!


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