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How Do You Make Money From YouTube? 10 Tips

These are 10 tips to make money from YouTube video creations:

High Quality Video, Clear and Clean Sound, Quality Content, Reasonable Length, A Branded Look, Enticing Thumbnails, Accurate Titles, Informative Descriptions, Key Keywords, and Viewer Engagement.

Let’s dive in to each of these areas to help you get more views, more subscribers, and hopefully make money from YouTube. Before we do, to even make a penny on YouTube, you must have 4000 hours of view time, and at least 1,000 subscribers within the last year.

1. High Quality Video On YouTube

One of the biggest factors to doing well is having high quality video on YouTube. The reason the main reason for this is the viewer experience.

People are used to watching high-definition (HD) television. We are also addicted to our cell phone which are HD devices. Viewers are used to and desire high quality videos. If they click to watch your video creation and see something that is low-budget, they will leave, even though you have great content. How long viewers watch your videos affects your YouTube success in two ways.

First, YouTube measures how long your viewers watch your videos. You can find your stats on this in the YouTube Analytics portion of your channel page. The hope is that you have created a video that people want to watch all the way through. However, if viewers are exiting the video after 30 seconds and your video is five minutes long, YouTube ranks your video and channel downward. This means less viewers over time. To make money from YouTube, think long views.

Second, you need 4000 hours, yes hours, of views over within a year’s snapshot for YouTube to allow you to monetize your videos, or make money from them. To put this in perspective, if you had one 5 minute video, 48,000 people would have to watch it all the way through to meet the requirement. 

Of course, you will create more than one YouTube video, but the point is view length matter tremendously for you to make money from YouTube.

To deliver on this, you must, at some point provide the clearest, sharpest video possible. This can be hard if you are just starting out on YouTube. Equipment costs a lot of money. And it is not just the video camera, but it is also lighting and background. Here are a few things to consider with these areas.

What Should You Record YouTube Videos With?

record youtube videos

So, what should you record Youtube videos with? If you have no budget, the easiest way to start out is using a cell phone. Most people have one, and the technology is amazing these days. Cell phones will allow you to film in HD. If you are filming yourself then you should purchase or build a cell phone stand. People are creative, and using Styrofoam and a few books can work wonders to create stable positioning.

The settings on your cell phone should be set to maximum resolution. Be warned, this takes up a lot of GB on your phone. So once you have filmed, dump the file on your desktop or laptop and erase it from your phone.

You would be surprised at the quality of video your phone will give you. As you are filming, if you make mistakes, its okay. You can edit anything later when you are ready. The most important part is a clean look. Quality helps to make money from YouTube.

If you do have money to invest in a camera, I would recommend the following brands and models. They are relatively inexpensive and will give you the high video quality you need. 

Canon has a company has been around for a long time. They often have packages that you can buy that will give you tripods, mics, SD cards, and other bells and whistles. The Canon VIXIA HF R800 57x Zoom Full HD 1080p Video Camcorder is a great one and is often packaged. You are looking at about $300 for a the full kit. This is a well reviewed, solid video camera that will help you get an excellent quality video. Most of the higher end cameras will cost you at least $1,000. This one has a lot of great features and all of what you need to get started. 

Another camera that does the job without breaking the bank is the Panasonic HC-V180K Full HD 1080p Camcorder. This too can be found as a bundle package in about the $220 range. The video camera does full 1080P HD, is lightweight, and has a wide angle lens. I like this camera for filming outdoors or in a larger room. The zoom function is great on this as well for up close shots. It is a good product for the money.

The bare bones model in my recommendation would be the Seree Camcorder Video Camera Full HD 1080P. It is a good camera for about $130. It does not have money features, but great storage capacity and if you are truly on a budget, it is a step up from what your cell phone can produce.

How Important Is Lighting When Recording A YouTube Video?

Lighting is another consideration for video quality. However, unless you live in your parent’s basement or you film in a random closet, I would not invest money here until you start making money from YouTube. 

The importance of lighting when recording a YouTube video is for the viewer to clearly see your face and the background. Film in well light places, that are not bleeding sunlight. Test areas in where you filming prior to filming to understand what the lighting looks like. Once you find a good spot, stick with it. And for now, ignore fancy camera tricks and simply take good, clean, high quality video footage. It is will help you to keep you viewers viewing longer.

2. Clear and Clean Sound on YouTube

Next is sound. Not only does you video need to look good, it must sound great too. If they can see you, but they cannot hear you, they will exit your video, never to return. So, it is vital to have clear and clean sound on YouTube. Most cameras including cell phones have the capability of delivering good quality sound. It may not be great, but good. Stepping up your game in this area can get you longer views and more subscribers however. 

The same area you chose for lighting must also be a quiet area. Picking up traffic going by in the background or local kids ditching school loudly walking down the street will cause nightmares for your overall video production. A quiet environment helps a lot and will decrease the amount of editing later.

Most importantly, viewers need to hear your voice without fizzy or buzzing noises in the background. Some microphones have this type of static and it devalues the viewers experience and takes away from your great voice. Sound is something worth investing in. People need to hear you for you to make money from YouTube.

Best Mics For YouTube Videos

There are a thousand microphones that will work great when recording videos. It is hard to accurately say what the best mics for YouTube videos are because there is such a broad selection. I went with a Blue Yeti microphone. I bought it used for $89 and it works too great. Many YouTube creators like this microphone for good reason. It picks up everything! My first video with sound is an embarrassment, but a good one.

It was a short video as a trailer for my YouTube channel. I happily and proudly published it. What I did not realize was the level of sensitivity for this microphone. When I listened closely to the video I could hear the clicks of my mouse in between takes. This mic is sweet! And it did not break the bank. Taught me a lesson that sometimes there is a lot of value in a product. Also taught me to edit better before I publish. Purchased new, a Blue Yeti microphone will cost around $100. Seriously worth it. 

Microphone positioning is also important. There is a sweet spot that is not too close or not too far away from you. The room that you record in is a big factor in determining this because sound can bounce around and microphones are expensive. So, you have to play around with it a little. This microphone is heavy. So be prepared to have it on a desktop or table, or purchase a mic boom. However, do not let sound stop you from making videos now. Get going with what you have, and when you have extra money to spend, invest in this.

3. Quality Content on YouTube

Quality content on YouTube is the most important factor. Period! If your sound and video quality are just okay, people will forgive that over the quality being bad. If you want long video views and subscribers to hit your magic 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, this matters the most.

There is a rhythm to your content that you should do for every video. It is a simple formula that the bigger YouTube channel creators use, and it is proven. Here are the steps:

  • Begin every video with a preview of what the entire video will be about. Viewers love this and so does YouTube. Within the first 10-20 seconds of a video about flying model airplanes for instance, give the viewer four highlights of what they will learn. This will increase the viewing length of your videos because the viewers will be able to anticipate what is coming. That will keep them watching all the way through.
  • After the preview, you should have some sort of intro. A logo or animation with some background music works best. Be careful with sound effects that might seem cheesy. Those may cause your viewers to exit your video. The logo or animation is a part of your branding, which we will discuss more later.
  • Next, ask your viewers to subscribe to your video if they like what they will view. 
  • Each segment of your video needs to follow a pattern. First, explain a problem or situation. Second explain what you have discovered to be the top reasons why it is a problem. Next, speak about possible solutions. Finally, give them the solution that you think is best and why it is best. This format works best for “how-to” videos.
  • Try to produce videos that are about 5-7 minutes long. This is a good amount of time to give quality content and value to a viewer without losing their attention. It is also a way to boost your journey towards the 4000 hours mark without spamming those who watch your video and visit your channel.
  • Think quality always with your content. The person who watches your video should either leave well entertained or well-informed. They should either be inspired or be educated afterwards. This will keep them coming back.
  • YouTube has a feature that allows your to recommend other videos within your video. Use this feature wisely within the last 15 seconds of your video to refer the viewer to other videos that you have created. And most importantly, given them a reason why they should watch those other videos. This will gain you subscribers and popularity over time.
  •  Finally, as the video ends, ask the viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel and to like your video. It is a call to action that will provide you big gains. 

4. Reasonable Length for YouTube Videos

Keep a reasonable length for YouTube videos. Again, 5-7 minutes is about what you want to aim for most of the time. However, if you have a very deep or confusing topic to speak about, then make it longer. You just do not want to go overboard with things to add minutes to your YouTube videos that is simply fluffy. This will not impress the viewers. In fact, it will drive them away.

Videos that are commentary such as the latest Marvel movie theory should be no more than 7 minutes. However, if you are explain how to beginning an affiliate marketing business, that will take longer. Right sizing your video length is a big consideration.

There is a popular YouTube creator who I subscribe to that creates videos about nerdy stuff that I like. However, I sometimes get frustrated because he repeats certain commentary backwards, then forwards, and does not always get to the point. People have busy lives. If you want them to become a subscriber, and stay with you, have a reasonable length to your videos and they will convert from a subscriber to a fan and help you make money from Youtube. 

5. Branded Look on YouTube

You do not need to see the work Nike to know Nike. All you have to do is see the symbol. Branding your YouTube channel, look, and user experience is important to meeting your 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscriber goal. You must have a branded look on YouTube. Creating eye-catching banners, logos, and videos with an appealing and predictable flare will keep viewers coming back. 

Once you have decided on a style, stick with it. If people do not subscribe to you right away, they will notice your style and are more likely to continue to click on your videos simply because they like the style and look of your brand. Over time and over clicks, they will eventually subscribe provided the quality and content are good. YouTube and its viewers need to know YOU.

Your brand needs to stay consistent for you to have success. Find what works for you and more importantly potential viewers and stick it out. Put some energy and effort here prior to launching a YouTube channel. 

6. Enticing Thumbnails

Part of your branding and an essential element to making money from YouTube videos are enticing thumbnails. After a potential viewer searches for the content they want, their eyes will immediately go to the thumbnails for the videos prior to them reading the description. People a visual, and you have to work with that.

Your thumbnails need to have both words and visuals on them. The color scheme and design need to remain the same across all of your videos, with the words and visuals being the only changes. The words on your thumbnails should include a keyword or keywords from your video. Thumbnails need to be sharp and bold. If you show up in a YouTube search, this is your biggest (but not only) chance to get a click and view from a visitor. 

Give them a good reason to click. Make it so appealing that they want to click yours, and only yours. So, put some care behind this. Enticing thumbnails are the key to a view. And that thumbnail needs to reflect some aspect of the content of the video. The emotion captured within a thumbnail will drive the view. If you need professional design of a thumbnail, it is worth paying the money. This is your front door to your success and to make money from YouTube. 

7. Accurate Titles For YouTube Videos

Nothing gives me that dry, itchy feeling more than clicking on a YouTube video and finding out the title had nothing to do with the video. At that point, you have lost my trust, and there is no need for me to watch anymore of your videos. And just as much as branding your channel works to your advantage, it will work to your disadvantage if you do not give the viewer what they are expecting. 

Make your title match your content to the greatest extent possible. Also, be creative with your YouTube video titles so that you stand out from the rest. But, not so creative they you lie about what is in the video. This will not go over so well with YouTube or the viewers. So, keep accurate titles for YouTube videos. 

Ad action verbs and adjectives to your title to be as descriptive as possible. This is important for watch time. Viewers who know exactly what they are clicking will watch the entire video provided that you delivered their expectations. They will find value in your creation and you may earn a subscriber this way. Doing this will give you a boost to make money from YouTube.

8. Informative Descriptions For YouTube Videos

Consider your title your finger and the description your hand. Informative descriptions are a big factor in earning a view as well. If a person is taking the time to read a description it usually means that the thumbnails and titles they have viewed in their search results seem all about the same to them. The description acts as a tie breaker. Your description need to match your title and each segment of the video content.

Spend time here, just like with the thumbnails to earn views. Informative descriptions should contain a summary of what is in the video, and a list of information or resources for the viewer. This will show the viewer that you care about their experience on your channel and with your content. 

9. Key Keywords

Choosing the right keywords associate with your video is important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to make money from YouTube. Google owns YouTube. Websites are found on Google search, in part, because of good SEO. Having key keywords is important. But, there is a trick to it.

Make a great video first! Content is key and king with Google and YouTube. Create a wonder, then take care of SEO. Not the other way around. Find keywords that are connected to your video content, but are not widely used. You can do this through various websites or even through Google AdWords. Then you want a good alignment between your keywords, your title, and your description. This will signal YouTube that much more about the content of your video, and help you rank higher in search results. 

10. Viewer Engagement

YouTube measures how much you engage your viewers. Likes, comments, and watch time are three major viewer engagement measurements. It is perfectly fine to ask your viewers to like and comment on your videos. What is just as important is that you comment back. YouTube uses this to measure how active you are and if you value viewer engagement. For every comment you receive, comment back with a quality comment. Spark discussion, ask and answer questions, and be a valuable resource as a YouTube video creator.

Second, find other videos that are in the same niche as your are and like and comment on those. YouTube likes an active YouTuber. So, do not be selfish. Find other content out there and be a part of a community as you are developing one on your channel. This will bring you viewers and subscribers because your viewer engagement is active. This is key to make money from YouTube.

Final Word to Make Money From Youtube

If you are able to complete these 10 steps you will be well on your way to the 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers. It take time, so be patient. Once you have met this requirement, you will be able to make money from YouTube. You will also be able to practice affiliate marketing on YouTube as well. If you want to learn more information about affiliate marketing you can read the Broke To Best post about it. 

I hope that you have found this information valuable and easy to follow. If you want more information like it, Broke To Best has a FREE Newsletter. You can subscribe to it by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Until next time!

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