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Make Money On Instagram

So you have an Instagram page with very few followers yet you keep posting and keep posting in hopes of going viral. Even if you went viral, what’s the point? If you keep reading I can show you how to make money on Instagram through passive income, even while you sleep. It is easy to do, but requires persistence. Let’s go through a few easy steps to achieve.

#1 Increase Your Visitors and Followers

There are three major strategies you have to put into place to increase your visitors and followers. First, ONLY post content that you believe could go viral. You can find that content on Instagram and other social media sites and repost it. Don’t go out and buy fancy equipment to create content yourself. Reuse great content, give credit to the creators, and post at least four times a day.

But, ask yourself, what is your Instagram page really all about? If your page is about video games, then ensure that you have content about videos games. If it is about skating and skateboards, then have content about that and only that. It matters to the people visiting your page. If you want a fan group, feed the fans what they want till they are nice and full. Videos work way better than pictures on Instagram. Try to include mostly videos in your posts. It will help you attract more likes, comments, and followers.

Commenting on Instagram Posts

Next, make sure you comment and like anyone has commented on your posts. It will increase your chances of being listed on the Explore page. This page will show your posts to strangers who could become followers. This is highly important to do, but don’t get spammy with it. The purpose of commenting is engagement. Instagram tracks how much you engage others. You cannot succeed without some level of engagement.

Comment on the posts of others who have the same interest as you do. It is a great way of increasing engagement. This will also help you be seen by many others who read posts. The chances are that 5% or so of users read the comments of the posts they visit. What if you commented on a post that someone with one million followers puts on Instagram. That is 50,000 people who could see your profile picture and comment. Some of which will follow you. Commenting on Instagram posts is highly important.

Tools to Increase Your Instagram Traffic

Lastly, there is a great tool that is free that will get you likes and comments. USE IT! I highly recommend it, and for free, it will help you go viral 75% of the time. Pulling in traffic and followers. Check it out here. Friend, you will thank me later!

The importance of this tool is it brings together groups of people to like and comment on each other’s posts. Joining a group like this will really accelerate your Instagram page. You will gain more followers, receive more traffic, and more comments. All things to show Instagram that you have a worthwhile account. Use the tool! And one of the most important tools you have is your Instagram Bio. Read our post to find out why your Instagram Bio is important.

#2 Training and Affiliate Marketing 

The way to make money on Instagram is through training and affiliate marketing. As you get more visitors to your posts and profile page, and more followers waiting to see your awesome content, they will also see your website link in your Instagram profile. Here is your one and only chance to have visitors click directly to site that will pay you passive income. Here’s the secret, you don’t need to have a website of your own for them to click, just a link.

That link will be to a product or service that your visitors and follower may want to buy. And if they do, you get paid. If you choose to have your own website or blog, check out our Affiliate Marketing post for more info on how to set that up. Otherwise, you can receive free training and then use that Instagram profile website link to monetize to start making money on Instagram. It is really simple to do, but you must persistently post great material. Free Webinar!

Affiliate Marketing Explained

It is important to understand a little about affiliate marketing. It will be your go to source to make money on Instagram. If I had to explain affiliate marketing, I would use this example. Big companies do a great job a developing products and services to sell. However, they suck at reaching out to as many people as they can to tell them about their products or services. So, these companies pay people like you and me to advertise for them. They often provide all the tools necessary to do the advertisement. In the case of Instagram, you can connect with a company, advertise for them, and get paid a commission when someone purchases from them. This commission can be a few bucks, or hundreds depending on who you are advertising for. If you have a large Instagram following, then you can potentially make a lot in commissions from companies. It is really that simple. But, you have to connect to these companies. The free webinar training above will show you some of that. Also, check out our other posts the learn more.

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