Make Money Online Faster

Make Money Online Faster

There are many ways to make money online faster. The ugly truth however: that is the wrong way to make money online. When it comes to online profits, the long game is the only way to win. This post provides information about using a blog or website to make passive income, over time, for years. I will give you the fast route that may put a few hundred dollars in your pocket quickly, but I will focus more on your wealth over the course of a year, not just a day or two. Please read on!

How Do I Make Money Online Faster?

You are reading this because you are currently practicing affiliate marketing or have an interest in it. Using blogs and websites to make money online has been a “thing” for a long time now. The rules have changed a big, but it is a true option for extra money or to be able to quit your day job. The two most important factors to increase your earnings are traffic and the affiliate marketing partners that you get commissions from. The more people who see your website or blog the better. And if you have helpful items or services to sell to them, the better. Here is what I recommend to do.

Get More Traffic to Your Blog (CPC)

In order to make money online faster, you have to include Cost-Per-Click (CPC) programs like Google Ads or Bing Ads to what you are currently doing, or who you want to do. It is a simple numbers game. Search engines like Google will eventually find your website or blog, rank you decently if you have good SEO, and traffic will eventually come pouring in. That can take months. It is the better way to go because it is organic. However, to speed up gaining traffic, you have to pay for it.

Paying for traffic can be expensive. But, if you are going to do it, search for long-tailed keywords. Both Bing and Google Ads have tools that you can see upfront the approximate cost for each click to your ads. Long-tailed keywords are ones that usually are less expensive, but give you decent traffic. So instead of choosing keywords like “shoes” chose something more specific, like “shoes for teens.” Doing so will give you the right type of traffic. People looking for the specific items that you are selling. It will minimize the cost of CPC and hopefully give you more sells faster.

The other advantage of using long-tailed keywords is less competition for those keywords. Competition when using CPC is a factor that can drive up the costs. The goal is to get your ad at the top of search results. Google and Bing, being the smart business they are, place ads that cost the most per click at the top of search engine results. Long-tailed keywords can have lower competition, with lower costs, which equals higher traffic for your with less of an investment.

Bing CPC

In my experience, Bing gives you the cheapest Cost Per Click for the keywords you are targeting. They are definitely second to Google when it comes to reach and range of potential traffic, but they are an inexpensive option. They pull in traffic from search engines that most people have forgotten about or do use as much. It’s like a network or hub of search engines.

The good part about this is it lowers their costs, which lowers yours. I have had success with Bing as cheap as three cents per clicks with products and services I was selling for $99. If it took 100 clicks to sell a product, I paid $3. My profit was $96 in this example. Not bad.

I also like the tools that Bing uses that will help you determine keywords, how good your ads are, and opportunities to advertise to more people. Their tools are simple to use, informative, and straight forward. I have also received emails from Bing that guide me through some of my CPC options. It’s kind of an education in how to most effectively advertise with them. So, I am a fan of Bing for sure!

Google CPC

Google Ads is THE Cadillac of advertisement to your website or blog. There is no doubt about it. You have billions of people searching through Google everyday. The amount of traffic that can be sent to your site is insanely amazing. There are a wide range of long-tailed keywords to use through Google. Downside, it usually costs more per click with Google.

They have tools that will give you very detailed information about your traffic, traffic sources, how long a visitor stays on your page, clicks, etc. The tools are stellar. However, the tools are much harder to use than Bing Ads. I feel like I have to read a book to understand all of what Google Ads can do. But, the great part is that you will naturally discover which tools work best for you, and just use those. If you have money to invest in advertising, then Google Ads is the way to go. If you are on a budget, go with Bing Ads. My advice.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

The other side of the bookend to make money online faster is the affiliate marketing programs that you are selecting. If you are paying for CPC, the product or service that you are offering on your website or blog must match the needs of the people visiting your site. Otherwise, you will see no profits. That simple! So blogger and website owners experience lots of traffic, either paid or organic, lots of click to their products, but no sells.

I have been through that ALOT. The problem I discovered was the types of products or services I was offering. It was not as good as it could be. So I took a few steps to change that, and it meant all the difference.

The first step I took was getting the right information about what to sell and how to sell it. I visited many websites that gave some information, but not the whole package, step by step of what to do. Again, my blog traffic was decent, but no sells. I primarily use ClickBank as my affiliate marketing hub. So, I took a course through ClickBank and that changed how posted, what I posted, and the marketing links included. You can access that course with this linkThe course put everything into perspective and helped me to improve what I was doing.

The second step I took was finding affiliate marketing programs that would give me the tools to succeed and pay me more. So, I went with a program that had a lot of pre-made tools, links, and banners that I could just drop into my website or blog. It also explained how to succeed within the program as I marketed.

I cannot begin to tell you how much more simple this made life. It allowed me to focus more on the content of my blog than on the marketing. It was done for me already. You can access that program here.

The last step I took when it came to affiliate marketing is offering variety. Blog or website visitors will come to your site with or without money. You will have some ready to invest heavily into opportunities because they know the long term benefits of doing so.

There will be others who only have two pennies to rub together and can only invest a little, initially. So, I found you have to cater to both ends. Offer something for everyone and you will see success. If you are looking for a low cost affiliate marketing opportunity, you can find it here.

The Passive Income Pathway

Although you can use CPC as a means to make money online initially, it’s not very sustainable. It will put some money in your pocket, but it is not the best long-term solution. When developing websites or blogs, think about the long game. Consider someone visiting that blog post 3 years from now. Also consider that CPC takes some money out of your pocket each time as well. Can you keep up with CPC as a traffic source for years? It would take a lot out of you. So, let’s explore the passive income pathway.

If you developed a killer website or a content rich blog with affiliate marketing within it, you will make money. It simply takes time. So, instead of using CPC, use patience. I know that is not easy as I have always been one of those immediate gratification types of guys, all my life. However, organic traffic will far outweigh the cost you have to pay for CPC traffic. Always. Waiting to be found by search engines can take months however. That’s OK, still build and write usefulness for your visitors. They will come.

However, they will only come if you pay attention to some key search engine optimization (SEO) points. Your SEO does not have to be perfect, just good. What does have to be perfect is your content. But, SEO acts as a gateway to your content. And even if you have the best blog post or website in the world, you won’t get found with poor SEO.

There are three areas of SEO that you have to get right: Your title, your keywords, and your description. If you can manage to put these three areas in sync correctly, you will be found not just for your keywords, but keywords you never thought about. Search engines are fancy-pants these days. They can tell what you page is about. In order for them to open the gates for your site however, you must follow their rules.

SEO does not have to be difficult. Here’s the keep it simple rule: Create SEO that matches your page or blog post only. Just like a person searching the internet for “shoes for teens,” if your blog post comes up #1 in search engines results and they click it to only find that your post is about baking cakes, they will leave. If they leave, you make no money.

With that in mind, the SEO for each blog post and each website page should accurately connect to what is on that particular post and page. It will yield you the greatest return and highest sells. It’s respecting the search engines and respecting the visitors most importantly. Finding what you are looking for is the entire purpose of the internet. So, be professional and accurate with your SEO.

If you have never heard of SEO, or struggle with it, I recommend that you get help because this is such a crucial factor. Again, ranking takes time unless you are willing to do CPC forever. There are many companies out there that have tools and services for SEO. Even when they help you, ranking will still take time, but you will rank faster and higher generally.

TheHoth is a good company for SEO support. I have not used their paid services, but I have reviewed them thoroughly and they get great results. They have free tools that I use to check the health of my posts and pages. Their customer service is really great too and they have answered every question that I have had, with no pressure to sell me anything. You can find their banner here:

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