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Retire Smarter Retired Early – Keys to Doing it Right

One of the best gifts that you can give to yourself is early retirement. If you retired early you retire smarter. There is not value in working longer than you need to work. This post will provide you an option to help you retire early through making money blogging and affiliate marketing. If you start doing these two things early enough, you could potentially retire a decade in advance. Keep reading!

Retired Age in USA

The average retired age in the USA is now 63. And according to the U.S. News and World Report, the rules around retirement are constantly changing. In 2018, the rules have changed around Social Security. Some Americans will have to wait until age 66 to retire and receive full benefits from their Social Security entitlement. Otherwise, your retirement benefits could be reduced by increments of 25%. The retired age in USA is bound to go up because of this.

Working longer does not necessarily help you. Both physical and mental health issues come up the older you get. So, your goal should be you claiming one day that you retired early and not that you had to wait to retire. I will provide you with an option to push your retired age down a bit later.

Retire Empowerment

From now on I want you to think retire empowerment. This is the mindset that you WILL retire long before the government or employer says you can. With the retirement empowerment mindset, it allows you to do two things.

If you currently have a job that is difficult for you to get up every morning and go to, this mindset will make it easier. Instead of thinking that you have to wait to be retired at 66, you think about when you want to be retired instead. Trust me, that make it a heck of a lot easier to get up and go work.

The second way that retire empowerment helps is that you will see opportunities to be retired early a lot clearer than you do now. If you wake up each morning knowing that you have control over when you are going to retire, your view on your life outcomes might change. Retire smarter by being empowered now.

Retired Definition

Let’s consider what retirement actually means. The retired definition is not just that you do not go to a job anymore. Being retired means that you save money on the gas or other transportation costs to work. Being retired means that you do not have to deal with the mental or physical aspects of someone else’s work. It means that you do not have to be victim to the politics and opinions that an overseer has. It means that you do not have to spend your time possibly doing what you do not want to do.

The retired definition is one of freedom. You would be free to go and do as you please. You are free to spend time with family and friends, travel, shop, eat, drink and be happy. The freedom that you would feel retired is as American as it gets.

Ask yourself this question, “Do I want: to retire at 66 or to retire at 50?” Whichever your answer might be, your goal is to work towards that through earning additional income that will serve you well now, and in retirement.

Retire Smarter

The way to retire smarter is to find an income source and income flow that you control. A very lucrative means extra income is through blogging. Yes, blogging.

I am assuming that you are anywhere between 40-60 years of age if you are reading this. With that assumption I am going to step out on the ledge and say that there is probably something that you are really great at because you have put in long years of work.In order to retire smarter and earlier, take your knowledge or craft and pass it on to others who need to know it. You can do that through a blog or website. Here is how.

Retire From Teaching Example

Think about the cornerstones of your craft. Maybe you have been a teacher for the past 15 years and you are thinking heavily about that golden retirement date. Most teachers can retire from teaching around the age of 63. Let’s pretend that you are age 40 at this time. With 15 years of experience teaching I am sure that you have lessons learned and are strong at your craft. If you created a blog and wrote about your teaching experience, things that you have learned, do’s and dont’s, other teachers might read that blog.

You can place ads and other offers that will pay you on each blog post. The more content of value to other teachers the more teachers and educators will visit your site. The more visitors the more clicks on ads and other purchases they will make. These clicks and purchases pay you. All because you took the time to share your best advice about the work you are currently doing.

Blogging can be as simple as sharing your experiences and giving best practices within your craft . Over the course of a year most blogs with great content and helpful information are seeing decent if not great traffic to their site. Think in the range of an additional $300-$1000 per month. Those results are not guaranteed, but are possible. Just from sharing your wisdom. So, a person can use that extra income to retire from teaching early by investing it or saving it. This is an easy way to retire smarter.

I did some math on this example of retiring from teaching early. If a 40-year-old teacher was to work till age 63, but be making $300 per month from blogging, that is an additional $82,800 by the time they reach 63. That’s without investing any of that money elsewhere. That same teacher at $1000 per month would see an additional $276,000 by the time they reach age 63. If those earnings were invested, you can just imagine the profits. And that’s the tipping point to retiring early.

How Do I Get An Early Retirement?

The first step is to think about what you will blog about. Again, think about your current job and an aspect of it that you are an expert. That’s what you want to share in a blog.

Once you have a group of topics in mind, you have to set up your blog. This website uses BlueHost to blog. It is a website hosting company that is extremely inexpensive and very reliable. I did a lot of research of various website and blog hosting companies. Bluehost had the most value in my opinion, and the better reviews. You can sign up for a Bluehost website or blog with this link.

WordPress blogging platform typically comes bundled with your Bluehost sign up. It literally installs with a click of a button. Then you are set to blog.

When you begin to blog, always think about your audience. Are you currently a mechanic writing a blog for other mechanics? If so, use the lingo and style of writing that other mechanics will understand. First and foremost, you should always understand the audience that you are writing for. Know what they want to know and deliver. Also, give them tips and information on topics that most people do not realize to ask. Be that mentor and trusted source that they will continuously return to. That’s you!

Retire Smarter with Blogging

Here are 10 tips for blogging the right way! This will help you to attract visitors, gain trust, and hopefully clicks or sells:

  1. Write valuable content on blog posts with helping others in mind. Remember, you are the expert. You have done your craft for years. If you want to retire early, help others who will then support you.
  2. Write in steps and short paragraphs. To ensure that your visitors do learn from you, give them step by step details of how to think about something or how to do something in your expert field. But remember, they may be brand new at whatever it is and need you to break down the information in to small usable chunks.
  3. Provide photos or illustrations when you can. Pictures do tell a thousand words, so as much as is relevant provide pictures or videos in what you are describing.
  4. Have at least 40 blog posts. Aim for 40 blog posts so that your visitor’s view and trust you as an authority.
  5. Be a great story-teller. Provide the visitors to your blog great stories from your craft. This helps them to see themselves in the same situation and gets them thinking about how you, the expert, thinks. This can take you and them far, and again helps build trust.
  6. Use ads to earn money. One way that you will monetize or make money from ads. Google Ads is the easiest and probably most streamlined way to make money from your blog. Include Google Ads in each post and you will be pleased with your money-making experience. You can find out more information about Google Adsense here.
  7. Use Amazon Affiliates to make money on your blog. Like Google, Amazon has automated the use of their system to deliver buying opportunities to visitors to your blog. If a visitor purchase an item through an Amazon link on your blog, you get paid a commission. Simple as that!
  8. Have a newsletter or email mailing list. These are a great way to get in touch with your past visitors with new offers or information. It will help you to build a community on your blog.
  9. Blog often! Making it to 40 blog posts is no easy task, but you can do it. Aim to write a solid blog post three times a week and you will hit 40 before you know it. Blogging often helps visitors come back.
  10. Visit our two blog posts How to Create Popular Blogs and Website Tools Google Loves on WordPress. Both of these posts will give you even more information on succeeding at blogging.

Remember, what you put into this now will help you retire earlier later. Early retirement means that you will have lots of life in front of you, possibly health and happy, to do all the things you want to do. Put in 30 minutes per day blogging now, for years of freedom later. Early retirement and having the mindset to retire smarter is your goal.

Retired From The Military Example

One of the people who influenced me was a gentle who retired from the military. At age 40 or so he left the armed forced and became a teacher. While he was teaching he started blogging about his experiences in the military.

Everything from how to clean your weapon to how to survive boot camp. He was a teacher for 15 years before retiring from education. When it was done, in those 15 years of teaching and blogging, the monthly income he had from blogging matched the income he was getting retired from the military and retired from teaching combined.

That was a big wake up call for me. He and others like him have inspired me to do something different. I want to retire happy and health. Not at 66, but at 53. Retired at 50 would be even better. That’s not that far away for me. But through blogging, it is now possible for me. You should make a choice if it is possible for you. Retire smarter and happy and at the age where life, love, and adventure are still within your reach.

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