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Rules For Blogging – Best Tips To Follow

There are a few rules for blogging that will help you get your blog noticed and traffic to it. This post will cover how to write a blog, how to engage your blog readers, and why posting to your blog often is important. Let’s dive in to some of the best tips to follow.

Top 5 Rules For Blogging

1. Create and Deliver Helpful, Original Blog Content

A person spending time search for help or information on a subject wants an answer. A real answer. The number one rule for blogging is to provide helpful content that answers questions searchers may be looking for. And that content should be yours, original in nature. It is find to borrow ideas, but not content.

2. Engage Your Blog Readers

Use your blog to engage your readers: You should always write from the perspective of having a conversation with a person which your answering their question. Engage your readers through providing suggestions and resources. Also, ask them their opinions and for them to comment on your blog with their resources and information. This will grow a community and this rule for blogging will gain you loyal fans.

3. Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Social media is an excellent source to get your blog posts out there. Rely of several social media platforms to disseminate all of your blog posts. If you do this, you will earn followers to both your social media accounts and to your blog. This important rule for blogging cannot be missed, because it will leverage visitors over time.

4. Keep Sales Pitches On Your Blog Small

Although you are likely attempting to make money from blogging, you should keep your sales pitches on your blog posts small. On a 1000 word blog post, pitch one product that is associated to the blog post and helpful to the reader. If every other sentence has a link to a service or product, people may think you are in it for the money instead of for them. Be strategic in what you pitch, and helpful.

5. Post To Your Blog Often

It is sometimes struggle to post to your blog often. Trust me, I know. Life gets in the way. But if readers have your blog posting schedule in mind, they will anticipate your next awesome blog post. Consistency is not only a rule of blogging, but necessary for branding of your blog. This mixed with social media can produce great results. Problogger recommends the following for frequency.

These five rules for blogging will help you get a great start to the blog press. And if you need help with writing a blog and blog content, there is a great resource that you can use.

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