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Save Money Expert : How To Put Your Money To Work

This blog post will help you become a Save Money Expert. The cost of living in most places has skyrocketed. Everything seems more expensive. But, if you can become a save money expert, you can stretch your dollars far enough to live how you want to live.

Spending money is a lot of fun. It scratches that immediate gratification itch very quickly. However, money runs out quickly if that itch is too great. Here are 7 save money expert tips that you can follow to help your finances.

The Save Money Mom

I come from a very big family and had the fortune of a Save Money Mom. You know the type of mom that was able to feed an entire family on bread ends and a dollop of butter? You know the save money mom who none of us listened to which is why I am writing this and why you are reading this? Yeah, her! Let’s examine what she did to save money last generation and apply it to this generation.

The Save Money Mom:

  1. Always put away dinner and made leftovers into lunch or the next meal.
  2. Turned off the lights in every room of the house that was unoccupied.
  3. Made you wear pajamas and did not run the heater overnight.
  4. Woke up 30 minutes before you did to finally turn on the heater.
  5. Patched and fixed clothing instead of throwing them away.
  6. Exchanged produce with neighbors.
  7. Bought 60% of things at 60% off.
  8. Visited thrift stores for new items.
  9. Bought from yard sales.
  10. Told you to save money.

There was great wisdom with great women. They showed us a pathway that I know I have taken for granted time and time again. Thus, the title of this website is Broke to Best. Their tireless efforts to keep the family afloat turned them into Save Money Moms. Let’s review a few ways you can keep a more money in your pocket everyday.

How To Save Money With Coupons

Coupons have become underrated and underutilized despite having the potential of saving you hundreds of dollars monthly. Stores have made it super easy to save money with coupons. First, the old fashion way of clipping coupons from circulars and Sunday newspapers is alive and well. You’d be amazed at how much you can save by spending 20 minutes a week doing this.

Second, digital coupons are everywhere. There are websites and stores galore that provide digital coupons. Some like Ralph’s and Albertson’s have apps that you can scan or digitally deliver coupons to in an instance. Many of the apps will create your grocery list for you.

Other websites will email you coupons that you save or print. Old Navy fills my email daily it seems with the “next” savings offer. If 20 minutes per week can help save money with coupons that will keep around $100 in my pocket per month, then I will clip, save, scan, and use them. Think about it, $100 is movies and a few drinks with a loved one.

There should be no shame of any sort in clipping coupons. The family next door to yours is probably doing it as you read this. There should be no shame in wanting to keep yourself and your family financially secure. Clip away!

Save Money With Credit Card Offers

There are some great ways to save money with credit card offers. Take a long look at your monthly spending habits over the last 6 months and see where most of your money is being spent. It might be a good investment to get a credit card linked to where most of your money is being spent that offers incentives like cash back or travel perks.

My non-professional advice is only spend what you can pay off by the end of the month. However, you will be left with whatever rewards that the credit card offers. Clothing and grocery stores have cards with some great perks at times. In the case that you like to look cute or handsome and you like to buy clothing, look for those cards that offer you rewards for that travel bug you have as well. This could stretch your dollars further.

Save Money On Groceries

There is a method that I have learned to save money on groceries. It was the reason I wanted to grow and start to think of myself as a save money expert. My food bill was always too high. The way I began to save money was learning what to shop for online and what to go into the store to purchase.

Meats, produce, cereals and other food items are best shopped for in store. I found the two closest but competition grocery stores in my area and began watching what each offered in terms of sales. I quickly became aware of which to visit for what. This helped me to shop cheaper, healthier, and quicker. Having a set grocery list and getting in and out of the grocery store is the ticket to saving money on groceries.

Stores are set up to entice you to linger. The longer you saunter, linger, and browse, the more you will spend. Get in, then get OUT as quickly as you can.

Second, I found a lot of value in purchasing things like paper towels, foil, Ziploc bags, etc, online. Amazon runs great deals on these types of grocery items, and non-perishable foods. And if you have Amazon Prime shipping is quick and free. These products tend to be more expensive in store. Try online and may see a few more bucks in your pocket. Otherwise, Costco is good, just super crowded these days.

Save Money On Gas

Speaking of grocery stories, they have become a good source to help you save money on gas. Many of the big chain stores offer gas incentives if you spend a certain amount of money shopping within a month. Some stores will allow you to save up 20 cent per gallon.

After doing a bit of research, if you do most of your in-store shopping at one of these chains every two weeks, then fill up your car using the discount in-between those weeks, you will typically have enough discount points to save the 20 cent per gallon.

Also, keep your oil changed and your tires properly inflated. This helps a great deal with miles per gallon!

Save Money At Home

How is where the heart is. And it is also where money is wasted. Save money at home, by first doing what mom said. Second, here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Take shorter showers but still get clean. This is will save on your water and gas bill.
  2. Consider solar panels for your roof to nearly eliminate your electric bill.
  3. Consider weather proofing
    your home to cut down on all energy bills.
  4. Pay attention to running water continuously while doing dishes or brushing your teeth.
  5. Use the timer features on your thermostat.
  6. Save money at home by having a money-saving challenge with your family.
  7. Literally place all pocket change in a savings jar when you get home. It adds up.
  8. Donate clothes for tax write-offs.
  9. Double-up on blankets in the winter.
  10. Sleep in your undies during the summer.

Save Money With Rebates

I absolutely hate rebate programs! HATE! But the truth is that you can save money with rebates if you are patient. Most rebate offers require you to scan or mail in a copy of your receipt and some sort of rebate form. My lack of patience gets me nearly every time with this one.

However, rebates will put money back in your pocket. Save money with rebates especially with car products like tires, or with electronics. You would be surprised how long it can take for the rebate to arrive in your mailbox. And even more surprised how much they can be. It is an annoying, yet simple money-saving exercise to do. Give it a try and go for products that offer rebates.

Save Money Live Better

There is a very simple thought out there: save money live better. This is the wisdom that our parents gave to us that we have chosen not to use. Your goal should be to become that save money expert who is consistently looking for deals and ways to stretch a buck.

There is an incredible world of sales and deals out there. Our busy lives pull us away from it. We then end up paying premium prices when a small investment in time can allow us to save money for other things, like vacation or retirement.

Saving money is a mindset and a habit just as much as spending money. I for one need constant reminders. Maybe even a save money live better poster to keep me focused. Over time, following money-saving tips like these can mean a change in your lifestyle and sense of security. Give them a try and leave a comment or two about your favorite money-saving tips. You might help someone today. Until next time!

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