Three College Student Jobs worth Doing

Three College Student Jobs Worth Doing

Going to college is a big deal. It also costs an arm and a leg. But there are three college student jobs worth doing because they pay well and have long-term benefits. Let’s explore these three jobs and how you can jump into them today.

First and foremost, if you are going to college, congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. Colleges on average only have enough space for 10% of the student population exiting from high school. You are among the brilliant and talented minds across the world that will shape the future. But, let’s discover how we can help you pay for college or at least supplement your income.

Best Part Time Jobs For College Students


Social Media Assistant Jobs

One of the best part time jobs for college students are social media assistant jobs. Social media has taken off tremendously over the past 10 years. And although some of the social media giants like Facebook have had its fair share of negative press lately, social media is going nowhere but up. I am going to make an assumption here, but most college students are very familiar with social media. It is fun and a way to stay connected to family and friends. It is also a way to network with new people you meet. There are many social media assistant jobs out there that are perfect part time jobs for college students.

The reason that it is a great match is that you can often do this type of work from your dorm or at home. You often do not have to worry about reporting to an office. Which if you do not have a car is hard to do. Typically, you are helping an individual or business advertise on social media, or interact with potential customers. This helps the business get their name or brand out into the world and earn profits.

So, what are the benefits? Social media assistant jobs will pay decently. They won’t make you rich, but they will put a good amount in your pocket. Next, they are a great resume builders. Having this skill set is a selling point for you in the future after you finish college and move into the full-time work world. And because it is an assistant job, you do not have the burden of leading a team or hitting a certain company benchmark. You are able to complete sets of social media tasks and get paid. Social media jobs are one of the best part time jobs college students can venture into. In fact, you can click for a social media job opportunity.

Paid Internships

Paid Internships are one of the second best part time jobs for college students. Let’s face it, having jobs while in college is not easy to do, but paid internships offer money and on the job experience in the field you want to go into after college. There’s nothing like on the job experience to help you determine if the field you are seeking a degree in is the right one for you. Once you have completed an internship, you’ll have a great feel for if it is a match.

The downside, paid internships do not pay much at all, sadly. The experience is invaluable, but don’t expect much income from this. It is also hard to land a paid internship. Most internships are voluntarily work. So there is benefit here, but not income. It’s not the best of college student jobs if you really need money for books, tuition or living expenses.

You really have to think long and hard if a paid internships are the right thing for you, right now. Again, there are some great benefits to it, but timing is everything. You have to choose between money and experience. One might be more important to you right now than the other. There is no right or wrong answer, just what’s best for you currently.

High Paying Jobs College Students Can Do

There are high paying jobs college students can do, and it is catching on as a trend. Blogging is one of the most lucrative and least time consuming jobs while in college. And yes, you stand to make a good amount of money from this when done correctly.

In fact, blogging will not only pay you while you are in college, but a blog post that you write could pay you on your first and last day of college. The field of affiliate marketing through blogging can change your financial outlook in college and beyond.

What is affiliate marketing? The short answer is that companies need people to advertise their products or services. They need people like you to get the word out for them. It is cheaper that way for the company. Instead of them hiring more and more people to advertise for them, you do it.

If you are able to steer a person to a product or service a company is offering, and that person purchases it, you get a commission for your efforts. These commissions can range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for one sell.

Everyone wins in this situation. The company gets money and more exposure, and so do you. The goal is  having an interesting website or blog to sell products or services for others. And it must be interesting so that you can get many visitors to the website or blog to see what is being sold.

It is simple to do, can be about anything you love or have a skill in, and has the potential to make money for you even while you sleep. This is one the easiest high paying jobs college student have available to them, so I hope you read further. Let me explain how you can jump into this as a part time commitment to yourself and your future.

Checklist For Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Checklist For Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Below is a simple step-by-step checklist for blogging and affiliate marketing. Literally, with the right efforts, you can supplement your income throughout college and beyond. Millions blog and make money from it. You can to, and here’s how.

  1. The first thing you need is an idea for your blog. Think about what you are good at, what you love to do. Blog about that because you will always have great insight to give people and fresh new ideas for your blog. If you need help with your ideas, read our Find Your Passions blog post.
  2. The second thing you need is a webhosting for a blog. I use Bluehost because it’s inexpensive, fast, reliable, and sets up very easily. You can start your own website here. This is the only cost associated with blogging that is necessary. Expect to spend about $60 total.
  3. The third thing you need is to connect with an affiliate marketer. Doing so is super easy. There are three I can recommend: Clickbank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. All three have hundreds of products and services that you can link to on your blog. When visitors to your blog click the link and buy the product or service, you get paid.
  4. Next, if you do have money to invest in this, I would highly suggest that you consider some online training in affiliate marketing. It is not necessary to do to make money, but taking such online courses added two zeros behind my monthly affiliate marketing paychecks that I earn from running a blog.
  5. The last thing you need is patience. It takes about three months to really see results. But you will. Keep the course and get paid through passive income.

Choosing What Works For You As A College Student

You have to chose what’s best for you as a college student. Everyone’s circumstance is different. When I attended college I partied for 2 years straight and found myself in a situation where I had to go to school and work. That’s it. I am happy to say I finished then continued for advanced degrees. But it wasn’t easy.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have created blogs and websites which would have probably made me millions by now. I can’t rewind the hands of time, but you can have a better start than I did. I have presented you with three college jobs worth doing. Pick what works for you now and in the future. Whatever that might be.

And no matter what you choose to do, social media assistant jobs, paid internships, or blogs with affiliate marketing, do those things that will make you happy and financially stable. Trust me, student loans suck. So do yourself a favor, now.

So, if income is an issue for you, start this type of work. If you put 30 minutes to an hour per day into blogging or developing a website, the result could be massive one day. It is not that much time out of your day, and can reap you rewards for years.

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